Rescued buffalo. © Keemala
by Hanna, on
Ethical animal encounters on travels As you know, sustainability comprises environmental protection, responsible resource management, safety at work as well as animal protection and the preservation of ... More
Koh Sarn Chao's channels in Bangkoks' north.
by Lynn, on
Koh Sarn Chao – unspoiled Bangkok In the north of the Thai metropolis Bangkok, the small neighborhood Koh Sarn Chao in the district Taling Chan shines forth. The quarter ... More
Juist, Nordsee, Wattwanderung
by Hanna, on
The university for children on Juist: perceptible sustainability What can we do in everyday life and when traveling to live more sustainable? What does sustainability aim at? Consequences of climate ... More
by Jenni, on
What you should be concerned of as a volunteering traveler Traveling the world and doing good at the same time: sounds perfect. No wonder, this kind of traveling is becoming more and ... More
Schwarze Alpenschweine
by greenpearls, on
Sustainable: perpetuating rare livestock species When we think about sustainability, the first things that usually come to mind are food waste, environmental protection, and problems caused by ... More
cuddling elephants
by Agnes, on
A retirement home for elephants? Elephant sanctuaries in Thailand If it weren’t for elephants, Thailand’s culture wouldn’t be the same. For centuries, elephants have been worshipped as symbols of good fortune, ... More
Phang Nga coast
by Hanna, on
A different Thailand: staying with sea nomads Do you remember? Some time ago, we addressed the problem of “overtourism” in a blog post. When entire regions suffer from the ... More
by Agnes, on
Of Black Alpine pigs and spectacled bears: what hotels do to protect animals Hotels that promote animal protection? In sustainable enterprises this is not unusual, since environmental protection as well as social commitment are important ... More
by Agnes, on
Crops instead of Opium – the Royal Projects in Thailand Yesterday, the Thai inhabitants said goodbye to their late King Bhumibol Adulyadei with a festive ceremony. The Thais mourned for a long ... More
by Hanna, on
Giving a better future to children Today is world children’s day in Germany with this year’s motto „Giving a voice to children“. Reason enough to take a look at ... More
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