Giving a better future to children

Today is world children’s day in Germany with this year’s motto „Giving a voice to children“. Reason enough to take a look at some projects of our Green Pearls® partners who are committed to helping children and giving them a voice.

A new school in Koh Kong Khnong

©4 Rivers Floating Lodge

Shaping the future always starts with the little ones of the society. Therefor sensitizing children for the environment is an important issue at the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia. At the same time children shall be motivated to study at school enabling them to build a brighter future for themselves. Hence the newest project of the lodge is building a new school in the little village Koh Kong Khnonh. The old and run-down school will be replaced by a new building with two class rooms. In return for the lodge’s investment the kids will participate in projects teaching them about the environment and the necessity of saving and taking care of the surrounding nature. To ensure the success of the project, the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge works closely together with the Wildlife Alliance engaging for the protection of and information about the nature of the Cardamom mountains.

Education for Moroccos girls

©Education for All

Education for All“ was cofounded by the Kasbah du Toubkal and is involved in the education of Moroccan girls aiming to enable them to build a future. Especially in Morocco’s rural areas, girls often don’t have the opportunity to enroll for secondary school. Reasons are manifold, often families simply don’t have enough money to pay for housing close to the schools. The program „Education for All“ provides free housing for the girls and in doing so it allows them to go to school. Little by little the program also changes the attitude of the parents who are now actively asking for housing for their daughters – truly a success story!

Gourmet event in Tyrol

©Hotel Outside

Regularly the Naturhotel Outside organizes events supporting the SOS children’s village in East Tyrol. Soon it’s time for the next event: on the 21st of October around 140 guests are invited to a gourmet dinner, the overall topic being „home“, and to enjoy a multi-course menu consisting of local and seasonal products. Costs are 74€ per participant, five of which are being donated to the SOS children’s village and are being doubled by the hotel Outside. In doing so the hotel not only supports local producers but also the SOS children’s village – a perfect fit for the topic „home“, right?


Raising awareness for the environment

©CGH Earth

The three core values of CGH Earth in the South Indian Kerala are environment friendliness, local in content and benefitting the community. Therefore the staff of the Marari Beach resort founded the organization CGH Cell aiming to raise awareness for the environment among the locals. To achieve that, they for example visit schools and teach the pupils about reforestation or give away plants and offsprings to the villagers. Guests of the resort are also invited to contribute when planting trees all over the property.

Gaining strength and confidence

©Naturhotel Waldklause

The Naturhotel Waldklause is a partner of Global Family Charity Resort e.V. and offers children and parents in need, but also victims of violence, poverty, incurable diseases and catastrophes a relaxing vacation. Here, they can recover from difficult living conditions, build courage and hope for future tasks awaiting them. The engagement benefits everyone: the families, but also the staff of the Naturhotel Waldklause and other guests who are happy for the families. This enables social and sustainable tourism.