Thailand – Local is the new luxury!

Do you also like to follow tips from friends or hosts when traveling? Well, I do. The advantage of this surely is, that you are able to make authentic experiences. There are more and more tour providers in Thailand who make „Community Based Tourism“ their philosophy. Especially together with locals. Today, I want to present you tours from Local Alike, who’s vision it is to enable possibilities for local communities and small businesses in order to ensure a better lifestyle.

Getting to know elephants

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Of course, riding elephants is a no go. Even in the 90s every tourist in Thailand thought this activity just belongs to their trip. There is no doubt, that these animals are highly fascinating. But still, riding an elephant is everything but animal friendly. In the Kang Hang Maow reserve elephants live in their natural habitat, while not being short of food or water. Experienced, local rangers organize wildlife observations for small groups. A special adventure and also very exciting. After that you drink a cup of „Khlou Tea“, a local herbal tea from the Prasae river estuary, which is thought to be high in nutrients. The night is spent in the Rabbit Hill Resort, a laid back luxury hotel located on 200 hectares of land in Chanthaburi, close to the border of Raong. In the evening, the resort’s cook creates organic specialties made out of local ingredients.

Bangkok Nightriders

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With its clubs, bars and restaurants, Bangkok is Asia’s no. 1 nightlife-capital. But it only starts to get interesting when discovering the hidden places which are visited by locals. Here, the metropolis shows a totally different side of itself. The nightly bustle in the Riverside Communities, distinct atmosphere of the mystic avenues, enchanted manors and bustling markets can all be discovered easily with a mountain bike. The route leads to Bangkok’s early districts, to temples, narrow alleys and the largest markets while revealing the treasures of Bangkok. Participants get to know aspects of the locals’ lives and are rewarded with delicious street food.

A day among locals

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The Baan Laem Homestay is a small community in the south of Thailand, surrounded by untouched nature. Healthy ecological systems can be found in the mangrove forest, which protects animals and also functions as their source of food. Most residents live off of catching fish for their own consumption. During your stay you can get to know the life of a fisherman yourself and will also be able to help setting up protection zones for crabs and fish. Furthermore, you can relax in a mud bath right in the mangrove forest – a natural spa treatment next door and also very effective for a fresh looking complexion. Life in the Homestay is simple but charming, since the residents are   kind and welcoming. Also, the Baan Laem Homestay is known for its superb sea food, which is  freshly caught and then prepared deliciously. During dinner you simply communicate through gestures and hand signs – a truly unique encounter that lets you focus on the important things.

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