Neujahrsschwimmen auf Juist. © KV Juist
by Lynn, on
Ice cooled New Year’s start: New Year’s swimming on Juist We have the ultimate tip for you when waking up after an extensive New Year's Eve celebration: New Year’s swimming on Juist. ... More
Candles by the pool. © AdobeStock / gabrielhector
by Lynn, on
Peaceful Advent season: Candlelight Swimming on Juist Slowly Winter sets in on Juist and Christmas is around the corner. Just in time, the Advent program on the North Sea ... More
Empty hiking paths in fall. © Naturhotel Outside
by Lynn, on
Off-season travel: evade mass tourism Do you also prefer traveling in summer, like most people? The summer is considered as the touristic high season – resulting in ... More
Purple sky on Juist © Kurverwaltung Juist
by Lynn, on
Tracing fairies and goblins: Power places on Juist Juist is truly a magical place! The silence, unspoiled nature, long beach, and the sound of the sea enchant visitors of the ... More
by greenpearls, on
“Ik bün Juist” – sustainability campaign Most people think of Juist as a place for recreational holiday including fresh sea air. To make sure this remains, Juist’s goal ... More
Selbstgemachte Slow Food Gerichte aus regionalen Zutaten auf Juist.
by Hanna, on
Feasting responsibly: Slow Food Days on Juist Slow Food does not only imply “eating slowly,” but also characterizes a conscious, healthy, and local diet. The Slow Food trend once ... More
Dünen auf Juist
by Lynn, on
Juist unplugged: A role model for sustainability When it comes to sustainability, some could take a leaf out of the book of the North Sea island Juist. The island ... More
Am Strand von Juist
by Hanna, on
Beach, stars and mudflats: Juist celebrates the World Heritage Site Wadden Sea On our blog, there are already quite a few enthusiastic posts on the Wadden Sea and we hope that meanwhile you had ... More
Frisches Gemüse Thailand
by Jenni, on
Seasonal cuisine: healthy, delicious and sustainable It is often difficult to keep track of what is currently growing in the region you live in, nowadays – at least ... More
by Hanna, on
Mindfulness, Yoga & Tai Chi: Health Week on Juist “Six days that will change your life” – this is the motto of the Health Week on Juist, which will take place ... More
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