Tracing fairies and goblins: Power places on Juist

Juist is truly a magical place! The silence, unspoiled nature, long beach, and the sound of the sea enchant visitors of the North Sea Island anew. On a hike to Juist’s power places, you will learn more about the island’s magic and the fey place may become a little more tangible. During these hikes, life coach Astrid Witschorke takes you to another world and sharpens your perception. We want to share with you, what we have learned about pausing, nature spirits and energies!

Lebensberaterin Astrid Anbu Witschorke auf Juist © Astrid Anbu Witschorke
Life coach Astrid Witschorke sharpens your perception of nature, tranquility, and energies. © Astrid Anbu Witschorke

Hand in hand with magical beings and nature spirits

Some will be astounded at hearing of fairies, goblins, trolls, elves, and other nature elemental beings guiding you on the mindfulness tour. According to the life coach, you won’t be able to see them, but they surround you. Children often have the gift of seeing energies, lights and colors. Most adults, on the contrary, forget about this gift and consider it as shenanigans or esoteric humbug. All disbelief aside, energy is everywhere; around us, in our bodies because we are composed of energy. The nature spirits as well and according to Astrid they live under stones, in plants, in the air and in the nature. They are made up of pure energy and can connect to any living being. In doing so, they help us reconnect with the primal forces – if we allow.

Outdoor decoration © Kurverwaltung Juist
Unspoiled nature helps you to unwind during the hike to the power places on Juist. © Kurverwaltung Juist

A glow like never before

Like Juist itself, the tour is characterized by deceleration. On the hike, you have time to get in touch with the surrounding nature as well as your own nature. You learn to make time for yourself; time to brighten the senses, to perceive, to feel, to be. Some participants report of colors and spheres they have never noticed before. That’s why you will be silent most of the time during the 2-hour walk. The hike experience also aims at treating nature mindfully and respectfully, what humans disregard far too often. “All people can feel how vibrant trees and nature are when they take some time doing so. When they feel it, they are deeply touched, because the trees are peaceful and compassionate. That’s what we need. That is why we should do everything possible to help our friend nature, just as nature helps us with our daily survival,” says Astrid Witschorke. This is why you plant a tree or plants during the tour to give something back and appreciate nature.

Yoga on the beach on Juist © Kurverwaltung Juist
Deeply relax on the beach. © Kurverwaltung Juist


Even if natural spirits and elementary creatures sound like a fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm, you can still learn a lot about mindfulness on the hike. In our fast and digitized world, it is easy forgetting oneself and one’s sense of the inwards. Being grounded, taking your time, listening, being in nature and feeling its basic powers helps to keep our health and balance – regardless of fairies and goblins. And isn’t it fun somehow to imagine a gnome running out of the coppice or a fairy sitting among the reeds watching you perform tranquility, patience and deceleration?

Learn more about the hike on Astrid Witschorke’s website (German only).


Cover image: © Kurverwaltung Juist