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Who we are and what we do

As a communication and information platform for sustainable, handpicked, and unique places worldwide, we spread word about the green stories that make our members unique.

Behind Green Pearls® stands a dedicated team specialized in sustainability and traveling: we take care of the communication initiatives for our sustainably oriented tourism-partners in the fields of marketing, PR, and social media. That way, we render exciting green initiatives and philosophies visible.

Our motto: “Do good and talk about it!”
The Green Pearls® Team


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What we believe

We believe in sustainable tourism – that is what Green Pearls® stands for. Why should the traveler leave his concerns on the environment at home? The conscious traveler seeks a place where sustainability and comfort are combined.

That’s why we made it our business to find green places worldwide which provide the traveler with this exact combination: hospitality, authentic local experiences, ecological awareness, and the opportunity to contribute to/participate in green projects. And all this without compromising on service, comfort, and quality. In short: guilt free traveling without having to renounce.

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Our partners

Accomplishing more together: in many years, we have built a good network. Together with our worldwide partners and associations we actively support and promote sustainability.

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Who recommends us

Knowing all of our partners personally, we aim for a close, fair, and sustainable partnership. It gives us great joy when our partners are satisfied with our work. See what our fellow pioneers of sustainable tourism have to say about Green Pearls®Testimonials

Sharing our voice

Our ambassadors identify with the Green Pearls® philosophy and have visited at least one of our „green pearls“ personally. Our ambassadors share great ideas and values of sustainable tourism and green lifestyle which we wholeheartedly support!

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How to become a member?

Authenticity is key to our work. Every Green Pearls® member has to fulfill a range of criteria and requirements regarding different aspects of sustainability.

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