Mal abschalten: digitales Fasten und digital detox.
by Lynn, on
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity – radiation-free hotel rooms and digital detox No matter if televisions, radio masts, Wi-Fi routers, or smartphones – we are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation. Some people feel this ... More
Rice terrace on Bali, Indonesia by Puri Dajuma
by Lynn, on
Bali: Threatened beauty and culture – how to travel the island responsibly Breathtaking landscapes, endless rice fields and palm forests; sunny weather and the idea of white dream beaches increasingly entice people traveling to ... More
Zeavola - Excursion to Phi Phi Leh
by Hanna, on
Responsible traveling: 10 eco-friendly tips – part 2 In our last blog post you got to know five easy steps for eco travels. Here, in part two you learn about ... More
Kandel im Schwarzwald
by Hanna, on
Responsible traveling: 10 eco-friendly tips – part 1 According to current statistics, a rising number of vacationers aim to “travel sustainable.” In fact, only few realize their green plans. Often ... More
by greenpearls, on
“Ik bün Juist” – sustainability campaign Most people think of Juist as a place for recreational holiday including fresh sea air. To make sure this remains, Juist’s goal ... More
The historic city Cusco in the Andes, Peru, offers many green highlights for a sustainable city trip.
by Lynn, on
Cusco: Culture and nature in the Andes The historic city Cusco lies in the heart of Peru on a level of 3,400 meters surrounded by the impressive Andes. The ... More
Agrivilla i pini: Vegetables and fruits flourish in the biodynamic garden.
by Lynn, on
Permaculture in hotel gardens – vacation in the vegan Bio-Agrivilla i pini For some it’s a trend, for others an attitude to life: veganism. Renouncing animal products has various positive effects. Eating plant-based food ... More
Koh Sarn Chao's channels in Bangkoks' north.
by Lynn, on
Koh Sarn Chao – unspoiled Bangkok In the north of the Thai metropolis Bangkok, the small neighborhood Koh Sarn Chao in the district Taling Chan shines forth. The quarter ... More
Selbstgemachte Slow Food Gerichte aus regionalen Zutaten auf Juist.
by Hanna, on
Feasting responsibly: Slow Food Days on Juist Slow Food does not only imply “eating slowly,” but also characterizes a conscious, healthy, and local diet. The Slow Food trend once ... More
by Jenni, on
Ayurveda – holistic medicine for health and well-being Ayurveda, the „knowledge of the life“, is a traditional Indian medicine, which is prevailed until today all over India, Nepal and Sri ... More
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