Off-season travel: evade mass tourism

Do you also prefer traveling in summer, like most people? The summer is considered as the touristic high season – resulting in overflowing beaches, crowed hiking trails, and packed marketplaces. Did you ever think about anti-cyclical travel, in other words, off-season travel? It’s worth thinking about it if you don’t have kids required to attend school. Off-season travel has many benefits, one would be evading the negative impact of rising tourist number on these destinations: Nature and animals suffer from the crowds and what they leave behind; plastic bottles and cigarette butts. Destinations are exploited to entertain tourists, while locals lose affordable housing and the destination its authentic charm. Some time ago, we reported on alternatives to over-tourism, this time you’ll learn about the merits visiting our green pearls off-season!

Lamps and room interior. © Hotel Milano Scala
In the heart of Milan: the climate-neutral Hotel Milano Scala. © Hotel Milano Scala

City trip: Hot chocolate instead of iced coffee

Visiting cities is popular during summer when sitting outside watching the hustle and bustle of the city. However, high season often affects cities negatively since visitors need accommodation, food and produce waste. At the same time, the environment is polluted and the rental market for residents tightens. Queuing for hours and being unable to see the attraction due to numerous selfie sticks – that’s not how you image your city break, isn’t it? Thus, off-season city trips are worth considering: Whether romantic days in winterly Paris staying at the Hôtel Le Pavillon or savoring the first cocktail on the rooftop terrace of the Hotel Milano Scala in spring. A perfect city trip does not require high season! (By the way, find more tips for a green stay in Paris on our blog).

Beach on Juist covered in snow. © Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist
Wintery beach on Juist – breathe in the cleanest air! © Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist

Beach vacation: building snowmen on the beach

Spending the winter months on northern beaches does not include swimming, but is best for tranquility and slowing down. After a long walk at the Juist’s beach, vacationers can warm up in a Thalasso bath at the Strandhotel Kurhaus Juist. Guests of the Lifestylehotel SAND enjoy the breathtaking view of the Timmendorfer Strand from the hot whirlpool on the rooftop terrace in winter.

Deer in unspoiled forest, Maira Valley. © Sagna Rotonda
Maira Valley: A deer spotted in the woods surrounding the old hamlet of the eco-village during fall. © Sagna Rotonda

Hiking vacation: Gold mountains

Summer hikes are wonderful! However, numerous vacationers on site might disturb dreaming of tranquility and solitary hikes. In fall, you won’t meet as many people in the mountains. So, why not escaping grey November marveling Indian summer in the Alps? You will find breathtaking hiking paths and biking trails in the mountain scenery near the Berghotel Rehlegg in Berchtesgaden and the Dolomit Boutique Hotel in – as you may assume from the name – the Italian Dolomites. Another highlight during fall is the Maira Valley: On 1,700 meters, Sagna Rotonda is located amidst the wild valley. Surrounded by untouched forests, you can spot deer with a bit of luck!

Excursion, fauna, and hotel interior. © Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica
The greenest green thanks to the monsoon season in Peru. © Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica

Holiday during the monsoon season: Lush greenery

Not traveling countries during the monsoon period is often recommended. Consequences are overcrowded and polluted holiday regions resulting in closure of beaches, for example, such as Maya Bay in Thailand famous from “The Beach.” Traveling during the monsoon seasons is often times beneficial for some reasons – the more it rains, the greener it is! You can explore the impressive landscapes best on Koh Samui at the green hotel The Tongsai Bay between September and December and on the Phi Phi Islands at the Zeavola Resort between April and October. In Peru, nature around the luxurious eco-cottages of Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica flourishes most December through May.

Snowshoe hike in Austria. © Naturhotel Outside
Enjoying winter holiday without the hustle and bustle on the slopes. © Naturhotel Outside

Ski vacation: Escape the slopes

Overcrowded ski slopes make it hard to enjoy winter sports. However, from a sustainable perspective, skiing off-season does not make sense since supplying ski slopes artificially uses up many resources. If you love snow-covered mountains, but want to avoid crowded slopes, how about an eco-friendly alternative? How about snowshoe hikes through the National Park Hohe Tauern guided by the Naturhotel Outside?

Off-season travel has one advantage above all: Exploring a destination without mass tourism. And that is what holiday is about – enjoying a peaceful vacation.


Cover image: © Naturhotel Outside