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"SAND" Lifestylehotel

Strandallee 168


Timmendorfer Strand D-23669, Germany

“Nowadays, it is not about being able to go anywhere, it is rather about whether you have arrived at the right place.” SAND Lifestylehotel


At the popular holiday paradise Timmendorfer Strand in Northern Germany, the "SAND" Lifestylehotel is the best address for a relaxing, sustainable timeout. Stylish ambience, high quality as well as a focus on authenticity and sustainability make the "SAND" Lifestylehotel experience so special.

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  • Close proximity to the sea
  • Modern lifestyle elements
  • Relaxing ambience
  • Regional cuisine
Green Pearls® Score for "SAND" Lifestylehotel

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Lifestylehotel SAND, Bedroom


46 rooms

  • 4 star standard
  • room categories: ForOne, ForTwo or AndMore
  • bathroom with shower, WC and hairdryer
  • flat screen TV, safe and telephone
  • modern suite pads for information around the hotel
  • own restaurant

New building in 2017

  • 30 additional rooms
  • private dining room for 10 people
RoofTopSpa, whirl pool ans sauna. © Lifestylehotel SAND

Roof terrace

  • rooftopSPA for up to six persons
  • sauna and whirl pool with view of the Baltic Sea
  • open air SANDbar and sandy beach lounge
  • surprise location with sea view for exclusive events
Lifestylehotel SAND, Marion und Lambertus Muller

The Story and Philosophy

At the popular region Timmendorfer Strand in Northern Germany, host couple Marion and Lambertus Muller developed in 2012 a complete new hotel concept for the previous traditional hotel “Am Timmendorfer Hof”.

Lifestylehotel SAND stands for “Sand Aspires Natural Design” and embodies modern lifestyle combined with a focus on naturalness and sustainability.

Lifestylehotel SAND welcomes its guests with individuality, highest quality, style, innovation as well as an ambience to feel good.

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Green Initiatives Hotel Sand

  • Architecture
  • Environmental Protection
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Waste Management
  • Housekeeping
  • Food
  • People
  • Social Commitment
  • Cultural Commitment


  • Whenever possible, local and environmental-friendly building materials are chosen
  • The hotel building was modernized considering eco-friendly aspects
  • The new building is of square construction and energy friendly
  • Shell construction is made from wood (estimated nordic lark or Accoya), the balconies have wooden floor
  • Restaurant equipment is complemented with recycled teak wood
  • Beds from COCO-MAT consist of natural materials
  • Local typical design: exterior design with beach grass, sand, wood and natural furniture, recycled wooden tables and modern beach chairs
  • The enlargement of the hotel is executed by local craftsmen

Environmental Protection

  • Menu and prints from recycled natural material, textile napkins
  • Hotel SAND at Timmendorfer Strand has been in a permanent development process and aims for certification after the German National Code of Sustainable Practices; Suitable topics for the development of a vision of the future for a sustainable company situation

Flora and Fauna

  • Outdoor area with local elements: sand as floor covering in the outdoor area, beach grass as local planting, nordic larks at hotel entrance area
  • Pest control with vinegar concentrate instead of chemicals
  • During planning and building process of the hotel, old tree population was maintained, free areas were used


  • water usage is quarterly monitored and compared to target values as well as previous year’s figures, analysis of divergence
  • soak-away pits for forwarding rainwater into groundwater
  • waste water sewage


  • Energy usage is quarterly monitored and compared to target values as well as previous year’s figures, analysis of divergence
  • Heatpumps run on photovoltaic, water heating on solar power
  • Energy saving and LED lights
  • Automatic infrared motion sensor as well as timer switch in the indoor as well as outdoor area

Waste Management

  • Refillable packaging of the bathroom articles
  • Avoidance of plastic packaging for meals
  • Waste separation
  • Trainings and education of staff regarding waste separation and recycling


  • Water saving toilet flush
  • Towels and linens are normally changed every 5 days or as requested
  • Eco-friendly toiletries such as „Stop the water while using me”
  • Refill package and packages made from recyclable material
  • Use of cleaning products without hazardous substances


  • Organic food (cheese, lemonade, wine, etc)
  • Local and seasonal food (meat from species-appropriate treatment, cheese, fish, etc)
  • Focus on regional cuisine, but also international dishes interpreted with regional ingredients


  • Salaries and benefits meet or exceed local and national regulations
  • Local staff is hired whenever possible
  • Employees receive training and capacity building, constant review and further development of service quality
  • Involving local people in decisions that affect their lives and life chances
  • Marketing plan with regional Tourism authority, Involvement of locals into tourist life (fishermen, craftsmen, etc)

Social Commitment

  • Support of local BBW vocational training centre for young people with learning deficits: interview practice, trainee week, provision of housing for teachers in student exchange
  • Monetary support of booster club of the Ostsee Gymnasium and Christmas Bazaar, aiming to support children of the orphanage St. Theresa in Sri Lanka. The money is used to provide food, school books, clothes and medical supply
  • Support of the local, social projects Like the Lion’s Club Advent calendar and the Lion’s Club Easter Event

Cultural Commitment

  • Understanding between tourists and hosts through personal contact between hosts and guests as well as through the concept of the beach club that brings together tourists and locals
  • Integration of local culture in tourism experience: regional food, tips for events and tours for guests