Mindfulness, Yoga & Tai Chi: Health Week on Juist

“Six days that will change your life” – this is the motto of the Health Week on Juist, which will take place for the 22nd time already, this year. In any case, a stay on Juist is good for your health, because there are plenty of opportunities to relax and a lot of fresh sea air. From April 30th to May 4th, the small North Sea island has even more to offer, providing courses, lectures and individual consultations. But do not worry: you will still have enough time for relaxing moments on the beach and excursions on the island.

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Climate therapy, thalasso and a bath in the North Sea

If the term Health Week makes you think of a tight program with set courses and lectures, you will probably be disappointed. On Juist, you can compile your own personal health and activity program. This way, everyone gets their own Health Week – whether it will be active or relaxed is up to you. Being surrounded by the North Sea, one thing in particular suggests itself: Thalasso. During this climate therapy a trained Thalasso therapist will assist you in getting used to the stimulating climate and you will strengthen your immune system, activate your self-healing powers and stimulate your metabolism. And in the end, you will take a bath in the North Sea (yes, even if it is still the beginning of May!).

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Individual health advice

Do you sometimes wish for the opportunity to have full 30 minutes to talk with a health expert about your personal problems and issues? Whereas a regular visit to the doctor is usually to short, you can make up for this, here. Whether it is about stress management, back problems, questions about rehabilitation sport or your individual muscular strengths and weaknesses: The three experts Ronald Vogelsang, Wiltrud Lindemann und Hannah Steinkämper take their time and provide assistance – also regarding the time following the health week. And if you have booked one of the courses, you even get this service for free.

Far Eastern traditions

Are daily yoga exercises a must for your well-being? During the Health Week on Juist various courses take place in the morning and evening to provide inner peace, clarity and relaxation. In addition, there are courses in Qi Gong, sound meditation, fascia courses and Spinal Flow, an approach that combines elements of yoga, dance, gymnastics and Tai Chi and has a particular positive effect on the spine. So you get plenty of new input on relaxation – perfect for all of us who spend most their time in front of the computer.

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A date with life

Mindfulness. For some time now, this term is used more and more often in the media. Especially in the context of stress management it plays an important role. But how do we become more mindful? And what can we do to feel at home in our body? The program MBSR (“Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction”) is particularly effective, combining Buddhist techniques of mindfulness meditation and scientific knowledge. One of the highlights during the Health Week on Juist is a lecture by MBSR teacher Ronald Vogelsang, who will also teach the evening courses on mindfulness. A perfect opportunity to learn a lot about taking care of your own well-being and at the same time spend a relaxed holiday on the beautiful island of Juist.


Cover picture: © KV Juist