Do e-cars dream of electric sheep?

For many of us, a pleasant vacation means enjoying nature and exploring the region. Usually, you are most mobile by car – although this is not the most eco-friendly alternative. In this context the benefits of electric cars are obvious. They run without mineral oil and are much more resource-efficient than cars with a combustion engine, especially if they are powered by renewable energy. Moreover, there aren’t any emissions during operation – they do not emit carbon dioxide, particulate matter or toxic gases –, and they are odorless and quiet. This is not only more pleasant for you, but also for the sheep at the wayside. Would you like to have a test-drive? There are some hotels that give you the opportunity.

Logical consequence of a sustainable concept

© Berghotel Rehlegg

For some time now, the Berghotel Rehlegg has its own charging station for electric cars and e-bikes, powered by photovoltaic electricity. Being the first climate positive hotel in Upper Bavaria, it consistently invests in sustainable measures, ranging from the heating system to the purchase of goods. Consequently, it recently bought the “Reh-mobil”. The e-Smart can run up to 160 kilometers before you have to recharge it, thus invalidating the most frequent argument by skeptics, the low range of electric cars. Rehlegg’s guests rent the Reh-mobil for free, the community of Ramsau has donated a parking permit for all parking lots in the southern county. “Our guests are very interested in electromobility. We give them the opportunity to try it out and are pleased if some of them finally switch to an e-car”, says hotelier Hannes Lichtmannegger.

Climate-friendly mobility

© Creativhotel Luise

Creativhotel Luise in Erlangen is committed to climate-friendly mobility as well. Here, you do not only find a charging station for the guests’ e-cars on every second parking space, Creativhotel Luise also supports the solar car association of Erlangen and is shareholder of the solar charging station, situated directly opposite the hotel. The hotel’s own solar car, used for all errands, also contributes to your climate positive stay.

Eco-friendly energy

© Leitlhof

Of course, solar power is not the only power source that is environmentally friendly. At the Leitlhof in South Tyrol, you can use green and sustainable electricity from Leitlhof’s own woodblock thermal power station to recharge your e-car. Due to this eco-friendly power, the company TESLA decided to choose the Leitlhof as a location for an official charging station in the Hochpustertal.

The whole range of electromobility

© Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee

The Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee is interested in the subject of electromobility since 2011. It began by providing a charging station as well as lending e-bikes and by now you can also rent e-cars. By the way, there are a lot of hotels that give you the opportunity to try out an e-bike. For example, the Hotel Lamm supports eco-friendly mobility by providing their guests with discounted tickets for railway travel, free use of local public transport and free bicycles as well as offering e-bikes for rent – and of course also a charging station right at the front door.