Saving water while traveling: what hotels can do

Last week, we provided some tips on saving water while traveling. Among other things we recommended to choose an accommodation with a responsible water management. As promised, here are some examples of what hotels can do to manage this resource carefully.

Simple but effective

© Relais del Maro

Hotels can effectively reduce their water consumption by means of relatively simple measures. For example, you will find special tabs with a reduced water jet in all rooms of the Relais del Maro in Liguria – this reduces your water consumption before you do anything yourself. In addition, the water for the pool at Relais del Maro comes from an Artesian well.

What is good for astronauts …

© Creativhotel Luise

… can also be used for travelers. That is why there are astronaut-showers by Orbital Systems at Creativhotel Luise. In a closed loop, the water is purified and continually reused. So, instead of around 120 liters, you will only need 5 liters of water – and can enjoy your shower with a clear conscience. Additionally, Creativhotel Luise collects rainwater in a cistern and uses it for flushing the toilets and irrigating the garden, thus saving considerable amounts of water.


© Zeavola

Zeavola Resort on Koh Phi Phi Island in Thailand has to provide its own supply of water. Therefore it has its own closed water system and continually strives to improve its water management. In an interview with Florian Hallermann, Zeavola’s general manager, you can read more on this topic. Hofgut Hafnerleiten takes care of its own water supply as well: its water comes from a drinking well that is 90 meters deep. The sewage at Hofgut Hafnerleiten is cleaned in a membrane system and used for flushing the toilets and irrigating the garden.

Water from a natural spring

© Leitlhof

The hotel Leitlhof is self-sufficient in many ways, not only regarding energy. It also produces its own drinking water. Due to its own spring and bottling plant, the Leitlhof saves two truckloads of mineral water, thus avoiding long transport routes, reducing the carbon emission – and saving resources.

Greywater and rainwater

© Leitlhof

Mawell Resort in Baden-Wuerttemberg also uses water from its own well. In addition, it collects rainwater and carries out a high quality water treatment by means of ultrafiltration. However, not every task requires such a high quality of water. In these cases Mawell Resort uses greywater – gently used water from showers or bathroom sinks – and water from its own natural pool. After a careful treatment this water is hygienic enough to be used for cleaning and sprinkling the garden.