A clear case: saving water while traveling

Do you try to save water on vacation? What can and should be done depends on the water resources in the region. In regions abundant in water, such as Germany, Sweden or Great Britain, excessive water saving is not necessary and can even cause problems like rusting pipes or sewers. On the other hand, if you are on vacation in a region where the water is scarce, the usual measures might not be enough and some additional tips can be helpful.

An element that can be taken for granted?

Recent water scarcities have once more demonstrated how valuable water is. In the private households of Cape Town its use is limited to 50 liters per day and person. For comparison: Germans use about 120 liters per day – and Germany is even considered to be quite economical in the usage of this resource. In regions abundant in water a restriction like the one in Cape Town is not necessary. However, we ought to develop an awareness of the value of this resource and avoid wasting it.

Some tips for daily use

In everyday life – and during a vacation in a region with plenty of water – it can be enough to follow some simple tips. You might already know most of them, but it is worth calling them to mind now and then. Make sure you do not let the tap run unnecessarily and for example use a cup while brushing your teeth. You can wash vegetables and fruit in a bowl and even use the water for watering flowers. Consider buying water saving appliances and only run the washing machine or dish washer with a full load.

Traveling in regions where the water is scarce

In addition to these measures, on vacation you can reuse your towel instead of having it replaced daily. When traveling in regions suffering from water shortage, tips like the ones by Cape Town tourism office can give guidance. For example, you should ideally limit your showers to 90 seconds, flush the toilet as little as possible and go for a swim in the ocean instead of swimming pools. And wherever you want to go, it is always sensible to choose an accommodation that is committed to a responsible water management. The Cape Town tourism office even recommends to call and ask before booking. What hotels can do for a responsible water management will be a topic on our blog next week.