“Ik bün Juist” – sustainability campaign

Most people think of Juist as a place for recreational holiday including fresh sea air. To make sure this remains, Juist’s goal is to become climate neutral by 2030. Environmental protection and sustainability are central issues on the island ensuring good air. Private households and the island’s municipality alike engage in preserving the island, which can be seen, in the new campaign “Ik bün Juist.”

Island without cars

There are absolutely no cars on Juist! Only the ambulance and firefighters are motorized. Freight, goods, and people are transported by ship to the island, and by horse-drawn carriages and bikes on the island. That way, vacationers learn about the ecological awareness.

About the campaign:

You can hear authentic-Frisian stories in the image film told by locals such as Inka Extra, Bübi Grützmacher, Sven Ahrens, or Heino Behring. They talk about their beautiful, calm island and their green everyday life. “Locals only say MOIN once,” explains Lennard Burfeind from Kitesurf Island on Juist. “Saying MOIN twice means already having talked too much.” When you have visited Juist before, you might recognize some nooks in the film – and otherwise, you will get insights into the wonderful, small island.

Convince yourself (available in German only):


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