It couldn’t be greener: vacations in the jungle

Have you ever been to the jungle? Equipped with binoculars and trekking shoes, surrounded by the most beautiful greenery and a spectacular flora and fauna? No? Then you should put a jungle trip on your bucket list. Or even better: start planning right away. We have picked four particularly great Green Pearls® Hotels, that are fantastic starting points for your jungle adventure.

Educational excursions through the rainforest with Inkaterra

Puerto Maldonado is situated in the Southern Peruvian rainforest: it is the green gateway to one of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes. Right in the middle of it you will find Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica – the perfect place for setting off to your jungle explorations. This is not only due to the brilliant location and because the premises are so beautiful, but also because of the qualified assistance: together with you, a travel guide designs an individual travel route according to your taste – be it a child-friendly tour or a challenging excursion. And for the time you do not spend on jungle tours we recommend watching birds from the balcony, listening to the sounds of the rainforest, stargazing or attending the exciting lectures on nature in the evening. In general, you can learn a lot here: the non-profit organization Inkaterra Asociación is committed to ecological research and sharing their knowledge with travelers. There is probably no more authentic and intense way to explore the Peruvian rainforest.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica
© Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica

Spice Village: a place in the midst of a botanical paradise

The check-in at Spice Village, located in Kerala, South India, does not take place at a reception, but in the most beautiful greenery, and you are welcomed with a delicious herbal drink. The comfortable mountain village is a highlight in itself and taking a walk through its surroundings is as educational as a botanical course. Just a stone’s throw away you will find the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Here, you can watch buffalo, elephants and other wildlife on a trekking tour with a local guide. But that’s not all: the rainforest is home to more than 69 different mammal species, 320 bird species, 27 amphibian species, 45 reptile species and 38 species of fish. Insider tip: make sure to attend one of the regular cooking classes to take the secrets of Kerala cuisine home with you. And before you return home, you should go on a shopping spree at one of the spice shops.

Spice Village
© CGH Earth Spice Village

Surrounded by waterfalls at Hunas Falls by Amaya

Hunas Falls by Amaya is located in the midst of the lush green forest of Elkaduwa in the Hunnasgiriya Hills. From here, numerous hiking trails lead through this sensational landscape of Sri Lanka, which is known for its steep tea plantations and for spice cultivation.The peaks of Hunasgiriya are 1,490 meters above sea level and from here you can enjoy an impressive panoramic view of the Knuckles mountain range. Moreover, you will find picturesque meadows, creeks, wetlands, lakes and forests in the direct vicinity. And there is a breathtaking scenery just outside the hotel door: Hunas Falls waterfalls rank among the most picturesque places in Sri Lanka. After a tour you can let yourself be pampered with local herbs and vapors or relax in the lovingly designed garden. And the team of the restaurant Lake View makes sure that there is nothing to be desired in terms of a perfect vacation.

Hunas Falls, Helicopter View
© Hunas Falls by Amaya

Glamorous camping at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

The term glamping is redefined at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge on Koh Kong in Cambodia: in the midst of idyllic unspoilt nature you will find 12 sustainable luxury tents, only accessible by boat. They are so incredibly comfortable that it is tempting not to leave them at all. But you should, because just in front of your tent, there is the protected rainforest ecoregion of the Kardamom mountains. It is home to hundreds of endangered species and with a bit of luck you will spot a clouded leopard, a Java Rhino, an Indochinese tiger, an Asian elephant or even a Siamese crocodile, which was believed to be extinct. Have your cameras ready! Besides, Tatai River is the perfect place for an educational kayak tour through the mangrove woods – and for swimming in crystal clear water. And during a majestic sunset and a delicious Cambodian dinner you can conclude the day.

4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Helicopter View
© 4 Rivers Floating Lodge