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4 Rivers Floating Lodge

Koh Andet

Koh Kong 09253, Cambodia

“Our vision for the perfect vacation in unspoiled surroundings is to offer top-of-the-line luxury in harmony with Mother Nature, to give her a chance to impress you with an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors and images.” 4 Rivers Floating Lodge


In midst of marvelous untouched nature and only accessible by boat, the luxury tents of 4 Rivers Floating Lodge will take your breath away. Try Glamping - glamorous camping - in the luxurious sustainable floating tents.

The comfortable interior will make it tempting to stay inside all day, however the surroundings of the river villas offer so much to do and see. Right outside the doorstep starts the remarkable protected rainforest ecoregion of the Cardamom Mountains, where hundreds of endangered species found a place to live.

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  • Luxury Floating Lodges
  • Wildlife Adventures
  • Authentic Local Experiences
  • Vacation in accordance with nature
  • Unspoilt Cambodia
  • Retreat for maximum relaxation
  • Local fishing and a lot of water sports activities
Green Pearls® Score for 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Room


  • 4 Rivers delights with 12 tented villas with a size of approximately 45 m²
  • Double-or twin-beds
  • Comfortable furnishings paired with luxury interior (such as flat-screen television, DVD player, Mini-bar, etc)
  • Private extra-large balcony to relax on sun lounger
4 Rivers Floating Lodge

History and Philosophy

Valentin Pawlik and his wife Anna welcome you heartily to the relaxing, luxurious and idyllic atmosphere that surrounds 4 Rivers Floating Lodge.

When searching for a new project and beginning, Valentin got the idea for 4 Rivers after meeting the owner of Wildlife Alliance, an NGO that actively protects the forests of the Cardamom Mountains. In collaboration, the project soon became reality to prove that conserving the beautiful area could be an attractive authentic experience for foreign visitors.

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Green Initiatives

  • Architecture and Resources
  • Energy
  • Environmental Protection
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Water and Waste Management
  • Social and Cultural Commitment

Architecture and Resources

  • conscious choice of eco-friendly construction materials
  • floors are made from modern wood-plastic-composite to protect the forest, wood flooring materials would have to be replaced more often due to heat, humidity and proximity to water, which would have resulted in the expansion and contraction of the wood
  • wood plastic composite flooring is made from 100% recycled plastic materials
  • no permanent structures to the tents to avoid permanent imprints on the surrounding nature
  • roof composed of 4 layers, designed for maximum ventilation by specific openings in these layers to allow cool air in and let the warm air out
  • furniture made from the Water Hyacinth plant, carefully chosen for its abundance and availability
  • Solely built with man power and small hand tools


  • started out using diesel-powered generators for electricity source, now shifting to solar power
  • careful in the choice of solar electricity supplier; refused to work with a supplier suggesting to cut some trees to clear the land on the island to set up the solar panels.
  • now solar panels are set up on a floating platform and used 12 hours a day
  • for the other 12 hours a generator – partially powered by biodiesel-is used
  • send used cooking oil to Naga Biofuels to make biodiesel from it, which is then used to power the property

Environmental Protection

  • 4 Rivers causes no footprint on the environment. If the lodges were moved to another location, there would be no sign of its presence
  • Committed to find most environmental friendly options for all practices; e.g. for paper bags that are used for the sandwiches to takeaway during excursions, the owners found a supplier that was using an environmentally friendly production process, visited him several times, took the time to befriend him so he would trust them enough to allow them to look into his operations
  • Owners see themselves as guardians of the environment – immediately report irregular endangering incidents to Ministry of Tourism, Department of Forestry and to Wildlife Alliance;
    e.g. in 2011, large-scale sand dredging operations on the river disturbed the natural activity of the big fish, caused the collapse of the riverbanks; 4 Rivers reported and played a big role in investigation study about the impact and extent of the sand dredging activities
  • Strict conditions for the boat: efficient use of fuel, no spillage of oil and petrol in the river, and not make a lot of noise, use only 2 boats per day for guests to use collectively to minimize fuel use

Flora and Fauna

  • Staff policy prohibits killing or eating wildlife that is found in the immediate surroundings of the hotel
  • When the resort opened in 2009, there were no birds flying in the area, no wild boars, gibbons, monkeys, pythons etc found. Only from 2012 on, these species return to their natural habitat, which might be, according to researchers at Wildlife Alliance, due to the villagers being employed at the resort are no longer setting traps

Water and Waste Management

  • Sophisticated waste water treatment system
  • Unique waste management system designed to never introduce any kind of pollution to the river and its surrounding areas
  • Eco-friendly toiletries ensure to not damage the bacteria in our unique waste management system
  • Basic staff policy lists contribution to cleanliness of environment as requirement, polluting the river is considered reason for termination

Social and Cultural Commitment

  • Employment and business partnerships with local people wherever possible, support their business growth
  • Trainings in all aspects of running the resort
  • Food is culture prepared and cooked with local ingredients
  • 4 Rivers encourages guests to spend time with the neighbors and learn about the local simple life, get to know the culture
  • local authentic experiences – opportunity to discover the customs, beliefs and natural cures of the inhabitants; learn about their simple life, fishing techniques etc.