Macaws and more – Macaw Lodge in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become a symbol of sustainable eco-tourism. It stands for lush green forests and a high standard of living. But what lies beyond that cliché? Green Pearls counts a wonderful hotel in Costa Rica among its members: the Macaw Lodge, situated about 100 kilometers southwest of the capital San José, right in the middle of the rainforest and near the Carara national park. The lodge is built exclusively from local timber, mainly fallen wood that was saved from floods. In the spirit of sustainability, the lodge is a self-sufficient: all energy comes from solar panels, the water from its own spring and the fruit and vegetables from its own garden. The five hectares around the property are a conservation area for macaws. If you are wondering if comfort and high quality accommodation are still possible given the allocations made for the environment, read on.


Let’s start with the food: the fertile grounds of the Macaw Lodge yield bananas, pineapples, mangoes, papayas, guavas as well as tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and much more. The lodge now also grows its own rice and breadfruit. What an exclusive offering for guests seeking an organic experience!






Culinary pleasures evoke relaxation and well being. Attend a yoga workshop while overlooking the lush, green rainforest. There are no TVs – but please, who needs their daily soap to relax when you can listen to the sound of the 350 bird species around or take a refreshing bath in a nearby waterfall?



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And then on to the accommodation: imagine how peacefully you would sleep, with a clear conscience. Because here, Macaw Lodges’ commitment to sustainability began with the construction of the cottages. All workers were locals and all material was purchased locally. The timber partly came from a nearby plantation and partly from wood that had been damaged by the tropical storm Thomas. This is the first such complex constructed completely from sustainable wood. In total, 68 cubic meters of timber was used for the construction – which is interesting because one cubic meter stores one ton of carbon.  The bamboo for the construction came from the lodges’ own plantations. Almost all floors and bathrooms are made out of local stone. The furniture was made by local craftsmen.






From the terrace of the cottages you can see right into the tropical rainforest. We call this exclusive privacy. If you can’t relax here, we’re not sure where else you would…




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