Too Cool for School at Miniloft Berlin

Berlin is cool. And I want to be cool. So when visiting Berlin, I want to feel like one of the cool locals. Staying at Miniloft Berlin is the perfect base for my mission.

I like to be an observer when I go on a city break. Sitting in cafes watching hipsters walk by, with their slightly too short trousers and long beards. Studying people meandering in the park and wondering what’s different. What makes a real Berliner a Berliner? I approach it like an actor preparing for a new role: I soak it all up like a sponge and try to tune into the groove of this town, just for a few days, trying to feel what it’s like to be a bit like a local. And how do you do that? By living like a Berliner: in a cool loft in Berlin-Mitte.


Britta (from Germany) und Matthew (from Canada) are architects who realized a lifelong dream. They built what they were always looking for on their own travels, a home away from home. They renovated the dilapidated building they bought and designed a contemporary and unique extension that has become well known in Berlin.

miniloft.exterior.detail web  Kopie

There are six Minilofts up for grabs here. The „Classic“ and „Compact“ Minilofts are in the rehabbed wing of the building, while the contemporary „Extroverted“ and „Introverted“ Minilofts are situated in the annex.

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The Minilofts are bright and spacious with modern interiors, offering everything you need for a comfortable and cool stay in Berlin: cozy double beds, sofas that convert into sofa beds if needed, an eating area as well as a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower and a bath. It’s all there. Waste is easily recycled, all cleaning materials are ecofriendly and 100% biodegradable. All groceries provided by the hotel are organic and fair trade.

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To reduce energy consumption in the summer and to keep the buildings cool, Britta and Matthew had a heat and sun reflecting system installed instead of air conditioning. The grass roof reduces the rainwater drainage and improves the microclimate.

Andy's Tomato Garden

Berlin-Mitte is a cool neighborhood. Its central location is perfect for exploring: the Brandenburg Gate is a stone’s throw from the Minilofts, Museum-Island, Potzdamer Platz Quarter and the Reichstag are all nearby.


The Miniloft Team is really passionate about Berlin, so much so that they have created their very own guidebook. Guests can download the guide before they arrive to plan their trip. The Miniloft Team is also always up to date with what’s happening in Berlin, so every visit becomes an insider experience, just like a real local.

Get excited about Berlin’s cool atmosphere and check out the Minilofts!