Agrivilla i pini: Vegetables and fruits flourish in the biodynamic garden.
by Lynn, on
Permaculture in hotel gardens – vacation in the vegan Bio-Agrivilla i pini For some it’s a trend, for others an attitude to life: veganism. Renouncing animal products has various positive effects. Eating plant-based food ... More
Dolomiten in Italien
by greenpearls, on
Green dream holiday in the mountains: Dolomit Homes We love the Dolomites: the mountain scenery as a perfect basis for outdoor activities,the warm-hearted people – and great food. For this ... More
View over the "Drei Zinnen" © Leitlhof
by Hanna, on
Actively and relaxing: a vacation in the Leitlhof in South Tirol The Italian Dolomites are for sure well known to every mountain lover. Who has not seen the impressive pictures of the Drei ... More
by Lynn, on
Vacation at a mountain lake: swimming against the backdrop of the Alps How about a swimming vacation in the mountains? Beach holidays by the sea are fine, but mountain lakes have so much to ... More
The dolomites
by Lynn, on
Over hill and dale Walking steadily and calmly in nature while hiking helps us relax, even if our heartbeat goes up. No matter if your trail’s ... More
Poolvilla Tongsai Bay
by Agnes, on
Chemical-free hotel pools? No problem! It’s summertime! And with the rising temperatures comes an increasing need for cooling. Unfortunately, all too often bland pools full of chlorine ... More
Hiking boots on a meadow
by Jenni, on
The most beautiful destinations for your green hiking vacation Hiking! Leave your everyday thoughts in everyday life, simply walk, enjoy the large and small miracles of nature while breathing fresh mountain ... More
Frisches Gemüse Thailand
by Jenni, on
Seasonal cuisine: healthy, delicious and sustainable It is often difficult to keep track of what is currently growing in the region you live in, nowadays – at least ... More
by Agnes, on
Do e-cars dream of electric sheep? For many of us, a pleasant vacation means enjoying nature and exploring the region. Usually, you are most mobile by car – ... More
by Agnes, on
Saving water while traveling: what hotels can do Last week, we provided some tips on saving water while traveling. Among other things we recommended to choose an accommodation with a ... More
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