Green Vacation in Chiang Mai – live like the locals!

With a total of 135.000 residents, the city of Chiang Mai, located in the northern region of Thailand, marks the largest and also culturally most important city in this specific part of the country. Of course, one of the most breathtaking temples, the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, can be found here. But not only temples mark Thailand’s scenery. The beautiful landscape of Chiang Mai, named „rose of the North“ should be considered as a true must-see.

©Lisu Lodge

Community Based Tourism

The Lisu-Lodge, which not only happens to be an eco-lodge, but is furthermore functioning completely without the need of an air conditioning. This feature helps to keep the lodge’s energy use especially low. In addition, the architecture made of local woods organically merges with nature as well. Everything here is produced locally. Even the lamp shades and furniture are crafted exclusively out of material and ressources located in this very part of town. However, the lodge’s unique characteristic must be the idea of its existence. The lodge strives to support the culture and maintain the tradition of the lisu hill tribe, which the lodge is named after. Projects like these are called „Community Based Tourism“ and their complete proceeds are donated to the locals. This also enhances the overall quality of living for the indigenous people.

©Lisu Lodge

Simple folklore, no thanks!

It must be said that you do not go here, if you’re waiting to witness a show-like act. Nothing here is artificial. Visitors are able to directly dive into the culture of the Lisu Hill tribe and truly experience the same. Adding to that, guests are more than welcome to catch a glimpse at the various arts and crafts such as weaving, woodwork, silversmithing. Also, the organic garden provides the lodge with delicious vegetables, as well as the organic rice fields, which not only cater to the hotel kitchen but are also a delighfully looking sight.


When going on a tour to the town of Araksara, you are able to observe the farming process of the incredibly aromatic black tea, called Assam. The tea plantation is one of the oldest ones in Thailand. Moreover, the solely manual work performed by the workers when it comes to cultivation, harvest, drying and perfect preparation make the tea and its consumption even more valuable.

The price for the tour amounts to 420 THB (about 11 euros) and is also suitable for children.

Culinary Delights

Although the Lisu Lodge might be just like heaven for vegetarians and vegans alike, nobody has to fear to miss out on meat. Especially the cooking classes, which are held to provide a overlook of the „Nothern Thai Cuisine“ with local specialties like the „Northern Sausage“ , „Northern Curry“ or „Northern Chilli Dips“, are highly recommendable.

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