Buon giorno! Experience a sustainable vacation in Italy with all your senses

A vacation in Italy – some of you will intuitively think about delicious pesto and pasta, olive trees, good wine und authentic, little villages with a lot of history. Naturally, because for people all over the world Italy remains to be one of the most popular countries to spend your vacation in. So, today we want to take you on a special trip to Italy and care to show you the best places for a sustainable vacation in Bella Italia.

©Agriturismo L’Adagio

Sleeping in an oil mill – the Agriturismo L’Adagio

Lets start in Liguria: Here, in the Agriturismo L’Adagio, you can find an old restored oil mill which has been producing olive oil for decades. Especially interesting: the owners find it very important to use every single part of the salty fruit. After straining the remaining juices out of the olive waste and using these for animal feed, even the olive pits find their way to be recycled. They are pressed and now functioning as pellets needed for heating. As a matter of fact, the facility provides a school barnyard, teaching children in a child friendly fashion how the process of producing can be environment friendly and sustainable. However, exclusive rooms and suites, excellent regional food and spa treatments using olive oil products out of in-house production make for a completely relaxed getaway.

©Relais del Maro

Experience la Dolce Vita in the Relais del Maro

Also in Liguria, more specifically in the pitoresque village Borgomaro, visitors can find the Albergo Diffuso Relais del Maro (we have previously presented the concept of an Albero Diffuso to you). Here you have the possibilty to live directly in the village center, next door to the locals and are able to really take in the special italian way of life. Not to mention the homemade food Mamma Scalambrin will prepare for you.


Culture and traditions of South Tyrol – the Josephus

The hotel Josephus located in the outstandingly quaint Schnalstal used to be a farmhouse that has been renovated with pretty, little details provided by local craft businesses that offered a little help to the owners. All while maintaining the hotel’s pristine rustic charme. Even the old furniture as well as floors and woods have been restored. Always keeping the inclusion of the hotel into its surroundings in mind. That is also a reason why the owners perceive themselves as link between locals on one hand and guests on the other. They love to tell you everything you want to know about the region’s traditions and culture and will also provide tips if you care to explore the surrounding nature a little more.

©Milano Scala

Milan’s oasis: the Milano Scala

But you cannot spend a sustainable vacation solely in the countryside. Why not take a trip to Italy’s vibrant fashion capital being, of course: Milan. Opening as the first zero-emission hotel in the city in 2010, the Milano Scala cultivates its very own herb- and vegetable garden on the building’s sixth floor. And if you dare to look up from the pretty view of the green garden, chances  are good you will be even more in awe of the breathtaking view over the rooftops, the art district Brera and last but not least the Milan Cathedral, which tends to be a welcome oasis in the big city.

©E.c.ho Milano

Resource-saving and sustainable: E.c.ho Milano

Also located in Milan, you will find Starhotel group’s first green hotel: the E.c.ho Milano. Consciousness when using resources such as water and energy, is key here and are reused in a sustainble fashion. Not to mention the lavish breakfast buffet offering you a veriety of fresh and regional products – very italian, one might say!