Why not take a sustainable trip across:…Germany

When thinking of a great getaway, Germany might not be the first destination that crosses your mind. But why not think outside the lines and visit Germany without lowering one’s sights regarding a gorgeous vacation one bit? So, join us as we take you on a trip across: Germany!

©Sylt Marketing/Michael Reidinger

Westerland, Island of Sylt

Let’s start in the north of the country. Being the most natural hotel on Sylt, the Hotel Niedersachsen obtains their power 100% naturally from hydropower. The first thing that catches your sight, will most likely be the hotel’s exterior made completely out of wood. So to say combining traditional and contemporary elements at the same time. Naturally, harmony with nature is key for Germany’s first four storey wooden house. End your day here, glancing over the ocean while you sit back in the cozy sauna after an adventurous day strolling around the Wadden Sea outside.

©Hotel Speicher

Sleep in an old grain silo

When we head a little more towards the east part of Germany, but still staying in the north, the Hotel Speicher at the lake Ziegelsee in Schwerin is the place to spend a few beautiful days. Don’t worry, you won’t have to live off of wheat and rye during your stay here. After all the hotel staff will do anything to please your culinary needs. The regional cuisine here in the restaurant „aurum“ belongs to the best places to eat in the city of Schwerin. We are quite sure, you will find something to your liking here. Now you’re already worrying about your beach bod, aren’t you? We got you: Just participate in one of the various types of watersports on the neighboring lake Ziegelsee or go for a ride with the hotel’s own bike-, e-bike- or e-car rentals and explore the beautiful city Schwerin.

©Klaus-Peter Kappest/Hotel Lamm

Black Forest

You will not only find cake here. Well, of course you can, if you want to. But we recommend to visit Hotel Lamm first. The old brewery, where the hotel is located in now consideres itself as a selfness-hotel. Relaxation and simply doing nothing is Lamm’s philosophy. Here you will be able to truly focus on yourself, for example when you’re using the Schwarzwälder Badehaus with its log cabin-, mill wheel- or biosauna.Plus: if you have ever pictured yourself gazing at the flickering fire of a fireplace after a long, adventurous day, perhaps holding a glass of red wine, this is your opportunity! Another special feature here: the hotel uses its own birchwood for the fireplace.

©Vital- und Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten

Reside like an elector

Our little journey is slowly reaching its end. The Vital- & Wellnesshotel Zum Kurfürsten (elector) near the river Mosel in the south of Germany highly prioritizes healthy living. For example, the hotel developed the MaXX TCM-system, a system that combines traditional chinese medicine with european approaches. Let yourself go and relax in the hands of highly qualified specialists. And why don’t you go for a swim in the panorama-pool, which also happens to reduce energy waste to a minimum thanks to cutting-edge poolcovers.

©Berghotel Rehlegg

The mountain is calling

Last but certainly not least we want to take you to one of the most southern regions of Germany, the Berchtesgaden area in Bavaria. Here the Berghotel Rehlegg is run in third generation by the Lichtmanegger family. The family found it to be important to combine nature with amenities of a four-star hotel. And here’s a fun fact for all the sightseeing enthusiasts out there: Salzburg, the town Mozart was born in, is only 30 kilometres away! We say: pick up the city’s most famous treat, the Mozartkugel and end your tour of Germany with a smile