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General Information on the Middle East

The Middle East is located in Ansia and belongs to the Asian Continent, but it includes Europe, Asia, and Africa. When we talk about the Greater Middle East area, the Middle East and North Africa are included as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Caucus States of Georgia, Armenia, as well as Azerbaijan are also part of this area. Georgia and Azerbaijan are transcontinental countries straddling the continents of Europe and Asia.

A fairy tale from 1001 night

this is what most people have in mind when thinking about the Middle East. Whether you travel to the United Arab Emirates, Oman, or to Israel, it is a trip which stimulates all senses. The attraction of Dubai is modern architecture of the superlatives like Burj Khalifa, the highest building of the world, but you can as well enjoy a jeep safari in the desert, or a visit of the local markets. In Oman you will be surprised by breathtaking beaches while in Israel history and culture dominate your stay. Nevertheless where you decide to go, you shoud travel consciously.

Green Pearls® recommends sustainable hotels in the Middle East

Green Pearls® offers luxury eco hotels, eco-friendly resorts and green lodges and camps in destinations of Middle East such as United Arab Emirates/Dubai or Oman. Spend an unique adventurous vacation and enjoy the pleasures of sustainable tourism in the Middle East.

Conscious tourism in the Middle East means a vacation without having to renounce. Enjoy the advantages of a green hotel or sustainable resort and a trip which is characterised by sustainabilty and responsibility.