Animal Protection

Coconut Lagoon engages in different projects and initiatives to protect the animals and the various species all around the resort. In the following you will find a selection of projects on how the Coconut Lagoon Resort protects the local fauna.

Coconut Lagoon provides the perfect living space for various animal species. The resort feels responsible for the animals who live in the natural environment of Spice Village, and therefore protect them and their natural habitat. Coconut Lagoon is a bird friendly place.

Many birds are very common in the resort’s garden. Coconut Lagoon has fixed a lot of nest-boxes on the branches of trees to provide nesting facilities for hole nesting birds like Magpie Robin, Common Myna etc. Wetland birds are very active in the canals and the paddy-fields of the Coconut Lagoon.

The premises of Coconut Lagoon is a very wild-life friendly place. Many wild creatures like Python, Monitor Lizard, Toddy Cat, Common Palm Civet and Smooth coated Otter live in this area. The presence of these wild animals, sometimes creates small Human-wildlife conflicts.

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“Coconut Lagoon itself a place for nature education. Butterfly-garden, Fish-sanctuary, Pollution control measures and rich bio-diversity using many regional educational institutions for creating awareness and knowledge about nature conservation.”

Coconut Lagoon- Mansion
Coconut Lagoon The distinctive architecture of Coconut Lagoon has its own tales to tell. Some of these mansions are over 150 years old, and were transplanted here, beam by beam, timber by timber, from the old houses of the county that had fallen to ruin. - CGH Earth Read more