Zeavola “Baan Laem Tong School” Koh Phi Phi

Zeavola Resort donates three US dollar  to this lunch program for every single night the guests stay  and invites all guests to participate in this project by offering the food to kids every Friday during their lunch.

Baan Laem Tong school is only 5 minutes walk away from the hotel. The early riser is able to watch the lovely dressed primary school students walking along the beach towards the school in the morning or on their return around 4 pm.

These kids come from the local Sea Gypsy village close by. The Sea Gypsies are their own ethnic group within Thailand. They where invited to settle down by his Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

He looked after them to receive ID cards in order for their Kids to participate in the public school system. The school is very small with about 40 kids guiding them through out the age of 13 years.

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“Located in a remote area it has proved very difficult for the school to secure any budget from the local authority”

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Sustainable living with nature is a big focus at the Zeavola, since the nature will present a very tough bill when its not respected. This is not a fashionable trend on this island but a daily necessity. We invite our guests to use this valuable resource carefully when in our hotel. Visit one of Thailand's most awarded eco friendly luxury hotels.