The Diversity of Life

The natural setting of the Zeavola is home for a wide variety of  insects, butterflies, birds and inhabitants of the sea.  A keen observer can discover up to 18 different species of birds living and breeding on the premises of the hotel. It is necessary to create a fine balance in the activities to fight pests such as mosquitos and creating a conducive environment for these birds to live and prosper.

The birds are well hidden between July and December since the foliage of the rainforest is at its thickest. The rainy season allows trees and bushes to regenerate and bring out the densest coverage.

Like this it’s quite difficult to discover the birds sitting deep in the trees and singing away. The people in the know still appreciate the fact that birds can be classified by their song. We walk with a smile through the resort as we know these wonderful animals are among us.

The hot and dry season which starts to impact the growth from February onwards allows all interested to discover the beauty of the tropical bird diversity. Birds hang out close to their source of food.

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“While the focus of the Zeavola Family is on providing a great tropical island experience we also continue to create the space and the setting for a great diversity of birds in our resort. We invite you to come and discover.”

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Sustainable Green Travel-Experiences and Projects

Sustainable living with nature is a big focus at the Zeavola, since the nature will present a very tough bill when its not respected. This is not a fashionable trend on this island but a daily necessity. We invite our guests to use this valuable resource carefully when in our hotel. Visit one of Thailand's most awarded eco friendly luxury hotels.