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When you travel to Töwerland, which is the nick name of Juist and means magic island, you should be aware it is car-free, so your options are on foot, by bike or carriage. Juist is on its way to become the first carbon neutral destination in the world. "Juist Climate Island" aims to become climate-neutral in 2030. As one of the leading destinations in Germany, Juist has received a CSR certification by Green Globe.

Read here about the various measures such as the complete switch to renewable energy and the conversion of buildings into micro-power stations

  • C02 reductions of the island municipality
  • Installation of a solar absorber for the warming of the water in the sea water pool
  • Installation of a solar dryer to dry of the sewage sludge, Saving of 225 t CO2 per year
  • In Cooperation with EWE the island uses only naturally sourced energy
  • Climate-neutral print of almost all needed print products. The catalogue is printed climate-neutrally on FSC paper

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“Our tourism is created for Sustainability“, stressed Marketing Director of Juist Thomas Vodde.”

Juist, Nordsee, Strandkörbe
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