How Guests can contribute to climate protection

The way to become climate-neutral the inhabitats of Juist can only realize together with their guests. Here you find some tips how you can support the project Climate island Juist and contribute to our future.


  • Switch off your electrical appliances after use instead of standby modus, which saves yearly about 14 billion kWh (2 Power stations have to work a whole year round-the-clock)
  • Use of energy savings lamps, as they save electricity and reduce the CO2 output (if your land lord does not use energy-saving lightening yet, your suggestion might help)
  • The cooking pot should match with the cooking zone, so the heat is being used efficiently.
  • The pot lid and the amount of water makes the difference. Four servings of potatoes can be boiled with only one cup of water. This saves up to 25% of energy.
  • In an air circulation oven, you can bake at four levels at the same time. Since the aromas do not mix, even different dishes can be cooked together.
  • A fridge should never be opened for a long time and be put away in a clear manner.

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“If you take home a few ideas, the thoughts about climate protection will be spread over the small island.”

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Be part of the future

Support Juist in becoming climate neutral in 2030.