Community Participation

Spice Village engages in different projects and initiatives to support the local community and its people. In the following you will find a selection of projects in which the community and the local people can participate in.

The India Eco-Development Committee (EDC), which was established in 1996, aimed at a social and economic uplift for the native people. CGH Earth’s new venture Natural Harvest, which was established in 2003, follows the same concept.

It also addresses the environmental and anthropologic concerns among the ethnic community. By creating two Eco-Development Committees in 2000 and 2003, Spice Village rehabilitates the native community that made their income by looting the forest, as well as the native people who used to poach cinnamon bark.

Under the EDC program, Spice Village has sponsored one of the two bullock carts for the former sandalwood smugglers to take tourists around Cumbum Valley.

In August 2007, thanks to Spice Village - which sent 53 guests - the revenue generated for bullock car rides was Rs 39,750, with the community getting Rs 31,800. In addition to this, Spice Village supports a local artist, who did not have the means to practice his art and showcase his talent.

Through Spice Village, he now has a studio, working materials and possible patrons in the guests.

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“At Spice Village Women are supported and given opportunities. Spice Village employs about 20 local women to work in the garden and organic farm management. Priority is given to women from the village whose families are below poverty line.”

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