Creating Eco-Friendly Awareness

Marari Beach engages in different projects and initiatives to protect the natural environment and its people. The staff at Marari Beach has created the organization CGH Cell to ensure and create eco-friendly awareness.

Every member on the staff is pledged to spread the green message of eco-friendliness. Guest is God and every guest is ensured of the friendliness of Indian hospitality. Marari Beach Resort thus epitomizes a ‘Clean, Green and Peaceful World’ where you have ‘God’s plenty’. Every year the CGH Cell conducts various programs stressing on eco-friendliness within and outside the hotel. The Cell mostly visits the local school where children are educated the benefits of afforestation.

The guests are also encouraged to plant trees in hotel premises. Most of them are fungivorous plants which attract several bird species. This year 25 trees were planted in the hotel premises and numerous plants and saplings were distributed at the local village.

The core values of CGH Earth and CGH Cell are being

  • environmental friendly
  • local in content
  • beneficial to the community
Marari Beach "The closer you get to nature, the easier it becomes to respect her. Look with fresh eyes, and marvel as she begins to reveal her secrets." - CGH Earth Read more