Education Program

The Chumbe Project aims at building environmental awareness in Zanzibar. Therefore, the Chumbe Education Program is a vital component that sponsors local school visits to the island, prepared through in-service teacher training workshops and the development of teaching aids.

As elsewhere in the region, school education in Zanzibar is based on route learning of highly academic syllabi that have little relationship with the surrounding world. Though Zanzibar is a coral island, coral reef ecology is insufficiently covered in school syllabi.

Formal education does not yet provide environmental information on marine issues, as revealed by an analysis of the syllabi of primary and secondary education (Riedmiller 1991, Riedmiller 1995). Also extra-curricular activities, such as field excursions, are rarely organized.

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“Our expectations are overwhelmed, we had such a great experience, snorkeling in between the most colorful corals and their inhabitants, even the turtle was not shy swimming along with us.”

Chumbe Island Coral Park "One of the most spectacular coral gardens to be found anywhere in the world." - J.E.N Veron, Australian Institute of Marine Science Read more

Sustainable Green Travel Experiences and Green Projects

As one of the core principles of eco-tourism, local people are given preference for employment opportunities and all aspects of work, including the Marine Park and guiding rangers, maintance staff, cooks, house-keepers, waiters and administrators.