Local Employment – Women

On Chumbe Island we promote equal opportunities to all staff, whether they are cooks, waiters, house-keepers, maintenance staff or other.

The preference of local employment helps local communities to experience tangible benefits of Chumbe's eco-tourism and conservation endeavors, and therefore fosters a positive relationship with our neighbors and their families.

As many of our employees come from the rural fishing communities along the coast of Zanzibar, most have little formal education. Chumbe has therefore made it a priority to provide training in all these positions from Chumbe management and numerous volunteers over the years.

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“Congratulations on a wonderful project. It is the most fantastic peaceful hideaway.”

Chumbe Island Coral Park "One of the most spectacular coral gardens to be found anywhere in the world." - J.E.N Veron, Australian Institute of Marine Science Read more

Sustainable Green Travel Experiences and Green Projects

As one of the core principles of eco-tourism, local people are given preference for employment opportunities and all aspects of work, including the Marine Park and guiding rangers, maintance staff, cooks, house-keepers, waiters and administrators.