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Since December 1949, with the recognition of the Netherlands, Indonesia is independent. The name Indonesia is a coinage from the Greek - Indo standing for India and nesos meaning island.


General information on Indonesia

The Republic of Indonesia is the biggest island state as well as the fourth largest state of the world. The state is quite fragmented into numerous different islands. The largest islands are Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Sulawesi. One of the most famous islands is Bali. Part of the indonesian islands boarder on Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and East Timor. Indonesia counts for the most part to the Asian continent, nevertheless, the land located on the island of New Guinea belongs to the Australian continent. With a population of about nine million, the Indonesian capital Jakarta is located on the island of Java. Indonesia is one of the biggest tropical rain forests in the world. On Borneo, Sumatra, West Java, Papua, the Moluccas and Sulawesi you have moist tropical climate. Temperatures barely doesn't balance during the year and are on an average of 25°C to 27°C. At a relative humidity of 95 percent and the not too windy climate, you can speak about heat and tropical humidity.

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Experience breathtaking volcano sceneries, tropical forests, green rice terraces, fine sandy dream beaches, unique traditions and an impressive animal and plant world. Dive into the fascinating world of of foreign cultures, experience their rites and ceremonials, traditions and unique ways of life. Let yourself be enchanted by the evidence of a long lost advanced Buddhist and Hindu civilization in Central Java, the temples of Borodour and Prambanan, dramatical volcano sceneries in the east of Java, orang-utans in the jungle of Kalmantan, Hindu festivities on Bali, colour- and graceful and especially the life and hospitality of the Indonesians.

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