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Indonesia, West Bali

Puri Dajuma Cottages & Spa Resort****

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Puri Dajuma Cottages & Spa Resort****

West Bali 82262, Indonesia
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Welcome to Puri Dajuma Cottages, the place on the Island of Gods where dreams become reality. Puri Dajuma Cottages


Puri Dajuma Cottages & Spa consists of 18 traditional Balinese cottages, a brand new luxury villa, made of wood, "Pondok Segara" overlooking the beach, two suites, one of them specifically dedicated to families, the other one for honeymooners. In its genuine and romantic atmosphere the guests can enjoy a 4* comfort with free wifi, fan and A/C, fridge, and kettle. The large rooms are all fitted with fine decoration and furniture including poster beds, inside bathroom and outside shower, as well as a private terrace. The cottages are surrounded by the carefully maintained gardens and paths leading to the beach and a large swimming pool and its wading pool for kids, the Spa with its jacuzzi and hammam room, all by the sea. An outside gazebo allowing massages for couples side by side, or the well being of a volcano spa on the beach rock, as well as an everyday yoga session, are also available.


2 Restaurants overlooking the ocean:

  • Rama Restaurant serves a wide variety of Asian and Western dishes.
  • Shinta Lounge serves delicious "teppanyaki" Japanese table-top grill.

Meditation and yoga activities

Activities: Fishing, surfing, SUP, diving, sailing as well as cycling and hiking in the nearby State farm plantations


  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment

Should the guests follow each of the suggestions, the carbon footprint during the stay will be reduced by as much as a factor 4. 


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Rooms & Amenities

18 Top Class Cottages
2 Suites
1 Villa built in Balinese style

2 Romantic Restaurants overlooking the sea:    
- Rama Restaurant; Asian and Western dishes      
- Shinta Lounge; Japanese table - top grill


A delicious adventure, born from a touch of folly

The story begins in 1998 with a family of French origin who fell under the spell of Indonesia. Their encounter with Indra, a 24-year-old Balinese man in a losmen in Lombok, would be decisive for the project. Travellers and creative people at heart, the couple founded a little charming hotel where family and friends gathered, and which became a new common family goal. A family dream, long before being a business. The father took on board the overall design, the budgetary aspects and the technical coordination, while the mother undertook the overall and interior decoration, the touches of comfort and the harmony of the whole project. As for the children, they designed the website, researched for new ideas and dedicated themselves to discovering new recreational and outdoor activities, while the stepdaughters were involved in communication and advertising. Indra was in charge of recruiting staff and creating enthusiasm amongst the villagers so that they would feel part of the entire project.

Puri Dajuma Green Initiatives

Environmental Activities

The philosophy of Puri Dajuma Cottages is that both the resort as well as the guest have the responsibilty to reduce the impact on the environment

What the resort does

  • Treatment of used water by septic tanks out of eco ceramics
  • Use of ecological cleaning products, certificated shampoos and soaps
  • No use of chemicals for the garden
  • All spa oils made of natural materials
  • Organic vegetables in the kitchen  
  • Use of local soft natural water
  • More freshly local fish is bought directly from Pekutatan Village
  • Energy saving lamps
  • Recycling of plastic and cardboard with the help of the local community 
  • On site-servicing of the biggest part of the equipment instead of exchange
  • Paper saving and green marketing 
  • 4 different types of vehicles to adapt the vehicle size to the appropriate needs
  • Natural and local construction materials
  • Eco-tourism tours 
  • Resort as family business, considering the tradition, culture and religion of Bali
  • Social cooperation with surrounding villages, promotion of local talents and culture
  • staff politics: social protection (health care, assurance), 90% of local employees, 100% Bali locals, involved in management

What the guest can do- Air Conditioning

The guests can choose using exclusively the fan instead of the air conditioning to cool the room (which efficiency is very low and is in the number 1 position in the consumption of electricity in the hotel). The fan energy consumption is 16 times as low as that of the air conditioning system. Combined use in average position is more efficient than putting only the air con on. 

Hot Water

Hot water is generated through individual gas bottles and contributes, as every fossil energy, to climate change. The hotels suggests the guest to do as many Balinese do with their “mandi” to have temperate showers in the private tropical garden, instead of using the hot water bath tube. 

Water Usage

The average water usage of a Western inhabitant is approximately 7 times as high as that of an Indonesian citizen. The Resort installed a balancing system to make the pressure identical in the water tubes whatever the number of people consuming water in the hotel. The suggestion therefore is that the guest makes full use of this system by consuming the water on purpose. 

Private Fridge

The private fridge was installed in the bungalows to give the guest access to his favourite refreshing drink in an instant. But thinking about every fridge in every bungalow and the amount of cooling energy that is based on electricity and since the same drinks are also available in the bar (with a much larger selection of fresh juices and cocktails), it is suggested that the guest disconnects the fridge and orders his favourite drink by dialing 300.


The Management of Puri Dajuma Cottages made an international selection of the most delicious dishes to satisfy any taste or need, but the guest may be aware of some dishes with a very heavy environmental load, either due to biodiversity modification (e.g. Tuna, shark,...) or climatic aspect resulting from transportation from remote areas (e.g. beef,...). As such it is suggested that the guest prefers ordering local food based on chicken, fish, sea-food, local vegetables, and fruit. 

Carbon Footprint

Each guests who follows the suggestions can reduce the carbon footprint during the stay by as much as a factor 4.