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Keemala - Beyond Enchanting

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Keemala - Beyond Enchanting

10/88 Moo 6
Nakasud Rd.
Kamala 83150, Thailand
Direct to the Hotel
Keemala offers a retreat from every day life and invites you in to an enchanting wonderland Keemala


Keemala is an all pool villa wonderland set in the woodlands of Kamala, Phuket, Thailand. The resort offers 38 villas and cottages embracing a cultural philosophy and bringing it to life through distinctive design and experiences. The Keemala concept celebrates the culture of four fictional ancient Phuket tribes, the ‘Pa-ta-pea’ (Earth), the‘Khon-Jorn’ (Wanderers), the ‘We-ha’ (Sky), and the ‘Rung-Nok’ (Nest) people. Keemala harnesses their methods of way of life and infuses it into the overall guest experiences. The spa treatments, wellness programs, gastronomic choices, activities and magical accommodation design all derive from the key attributes of the four tribes. Moreover Keemala holds enchanted gardens like a herb and vegetable garden, a hydroponic garden, a mushroom hut as well as a fruit orchard and hosts some rescued water buffalos.


Immerse in the Keemala way of life and take time to indulge, breathe and relax.

Four dining venues to enjoy cuisine outside of the villa.

Each treatment at Mala Holistic Spa has been curated to incorporate elements of traditional healing rituals and results in a profound internal experience.


  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment


Benefits for Green Pearls Members

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-  10% disount on visits to The Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Sanctuary. 
    The last rainforest on the island is full of virgin forest and wild

Rooms & Amenities

38 villas all with private pool & outdoor terrace, Interactive 42” LED TV and media hub, Traditional coffee maker, larder and personal safe, Complimentary WiFi, Bathrobes, locally sourced 100% natural toiletries, hair dryer and make-up mirror.


16 one and two bedroom CLAY POOL COTTAGES inspired by the ‘PA-TA-PEA’ CLAN (EARTH) who consisted of farmers, fishermen, gardeners, carpenters, black-smiths and miners. 


7 TREE POOL HOUSES inpired by the ‘WE-HA’ CLAN (SKY) who was a group who built their homes elevated from the ground and in the tree tops in order to obtain better creativity and liberty. 


7 TENT POOL VILLAS inpired by the ‘KHON-JORN' CLAN (WANDERERS) who were adventurous people consisting of foragers, herders, performers, traders, and explorers, who spent their time trading goods with other tribes they’d encounter on their journeys. 


8 BIRD'S NEST POOL VILLAS inpired by the 'RUNG-NOK' CLAN (NEST) whose members enjoyed an opulent lifestyle. Their craving for exclusivity resulted in the woven tangle of a birds nest design. 

“ Bringing back a culture of simplicity is the key to brilliance.”

Samornpun Somnam is the younger of two siblings of a traditional Phuket family that has established themselves as a prominent entrepreneur in Phuket’s hospitality industry. Aware and grateful of the foundation that her family has built for her generation, Samornpun cherishes family values and believes strongly that “gratitude leads to success in life”. On creating the Keemala concept, she envisions a resort where guests can “rebel against their hectic lifestyle and slow down to enjoy nature and local culture.” By showcasing Phuket’s tropical woodland splendor alongside preserving Thailand’s longstanding traditions and cultures through Keemala’s way of life, she hopes to contribute to making Phuket a sustainable destination.

Tanapong Somnam is the older of two siblings and part of the latest generation of Phuket’s leading entrepreneurial family in the hospitality industry. For Tanapong the Keemala concept is inspired by a combination of his passion for travel and his personal habit of enjoying delightful cuisines and spending time with family and friends. His goal is to provide “a unique and unforgettable experience for guests just like what I experienced on my travels.” His intention is to develop a new project in Phuket, Thailand, not dependent upon the beaches, but rather highlight the island’s natural resources and local culture, as well as promoting healthy and sustainable living. To him, the Keemala lifestyle is about “creating something different and fuse it with the charms of my hometown to present to the world.” 

Keemala Green Initiatives

A large part of the overall brand and design concept is respect for the environment and to cultivate practices that have less impact for our planet overall.
Wherever possible the resort harnesses techniques to lessen the carbon footprint through the following best practices:

Water Management

To ensure the quality of the treated water, it will be analyzed in a laboratory twice a year.

Wastewater that is already treated will be reserved for watering plantation.

Water plants treat the stream, waterfall and other natural water resources naturally. They act like natural water filtration system and fill more oxygen into water. As a result, the water will be clear, clean, and require fewer chemicals.

Design & Architecture

Reduced usage of natural materials, for example wood, by using environmental friendly synthetic material instead to help preventing further deforestation and other environmental impact including transportation.

The design has been carefully considered to protect existing ecosystem. Contours, soil, trees and natural water resources are kept either in their original form or have been utilised with minimal change.

Keemala offers no high buildings that affect natural landscape and ruin the views of the mountainside.

The building design using glass to increase natural daylight to reduce the need of synthetic lighting.

Garden & Food

Keemala will use its own bioorganic fertilizer produced from organic waste. This fertilizer will be used for gardening. 

Keemala holds different enchanted gardens with naturally and organic grown herbs, vegetables and fruits which are an essiential part of the Healthy living concept of Keemala. Some of the herbs and vegetables are grown without soil.

Examples for homegrown herbs and vegetables:
ginger, lemongrass, wild phak-wan, winged beans, turmeric, pandan

Examples for homegrown fruites:
rose apple, banana, jujube, coconut, jackfruit, soursoop, rambutan

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