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One may be so old, educated, wise and elegant  - a trip to Italy still enlightens your mind 
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General Information on Italy

Italy is located in southern Europe, it is a peninsula extending into the Central Mediterranean Sea boardering Switzerland and Austria to the north, France to the west, and Slovenia to the east.

What to experience in Italy 

Italy is divided into 20 regions that are totally different from each other. When you travel in Italy you can listen to different dialects, you can eat different food and taste completey different wines.  Italy is also the country of cultural riches, it has more Unesco World Heritage cultural sites than any other country in the world. The traveler finds a bucket full of natural diversity. You can go skiing in the nearby Alpes or Dolomits, travel to the seaside, or go sighseeing . The charming Italy is home of the most wonderful cities of art such as Rome, Venice, Siena, Torino, Milan and Florence.  But also the scenic landscape in Italy with its beautiful coasts, lakes and mountains in regions like South Tyrol or Liguria attracts visitors from Europe and all over the world. Moreover Italy is famous for its food, world-renowned wines and fashion.

Green Pearls® recommends choosing sustainable hotels when traveling in Italy 

Green Pearls® offers eco-friendly hotels, sustainable resorts & spas, zero-emission boutique hotels, wellness hotelscity hotels and luxury hotels for an unique stay in Italy. Enjoy an eco-friendly vacation and explore the beautiful cities and regions of Italy during a city trip. By contributing to Eco-tourism you can make sure we do not harm the envorinment or degrade its value in any way. It is in our all responsibilty to keep the wordl for the next generations and make it a better place. 

Top Destinations in Italy

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