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August Kleeberg 7
I-39025 Naturns BZ

“Our values? Rural, considerate and honest. Our philosophy? Nature provides all we need.” LA VIMEA


The first purely vegan hotel in Italy is located in the sun-spoilt Vinschgau in South Tirol. The LA VIMEA lies near the centre of Naturns and pampers its guests with a creative, vegan kitchen.

In the Adults Only hotel you will find maximum relaxation, rest and wellness opportunities. Start the day with yoga on the wooden or enjoy a refreshing bath in the natural pond in the park.

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  • First purely vegan hotel in Italy
  • Adults only
  • Saltwater pool and natural bath pond
  • Discount if guests arrive by public transportation
  • Resource-preserving: bedclothes are made fair trade organic cotton, regional, seasonal and all vegan kitchen, bio-vegan construction methods
Green Pearls® Score for LA VIMEA

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Room at LA VIMEA

Rooms and Amenities

  • Four room categories eligible
  • 100% of Fairtrade- organic -cotton
  • The Blanket is with 2.20 m extra-long made of Tencil fibers
  • WaterLily mattresses are biologically diminishable, the two-ply premium-natural cold foam core is produced of renewable sources with a mixture of ethereal herbal oils.
  • The newly renovated rooms are equipped with extra long beds 2,20 m

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Vegan dishes at LA VIMEA

History and philosophy

When taking over the formerly classical hotel with the wonderful extensive park the available basic structures were kept. With this basis the complete hotel was refurbished and modernized and converted into the first 100% vegan hotel in South Tyrol.

When rebuilding the house the owners paid attention to sustainability and ecology (examples: solid wood in the rooms, regional materials,  local businesses). In 2016 the LA VIMEA was opened as the first purely vegan hotel in Italy.

There are just a few hotels in Europe being consequently sustainable and vegan.

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Green Initiatives

  • Architecture
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Garbage
  • Soziale Projekte
  • Social projects


  • Olid larches wood felled at full moon in the rooms
  • Bio -Vegan construction methods
  • Natural bath pond in the nearby in-house park
  • Saltwater indoor pool pool
  • Hot Stone Lounge – local stones of the Adige (partially from the river, partially from the mountains)
  • No animal products (as for example leather etc.)
  • Barrier free within the entire hotel, all areas can be reached by wheel chair


  • Solar used for the hot-water production
  • Rainwater storage tank for the garden irrigation
  • Own bio cultivation (pumpkin, courgette, beetroot, spices, …)
  • low routes of transport by additional purchase of products with local farmers
  • Bio-cotton FAIRTRADE with the bedclothes,
  • Biodegradable cosmetics and cleansing products free of bioassay
  • Biodegradable mattresses
  • No pesticides
  • Use of ecological paper for printing
  • Discount if guests arrive by public transportation
  • Own shop with the products of low ecological footprint (vegan products in bio-quality)



  • For a sleep very free of radiation the WLAN is switched of between 11pm – 06: am (headword: “Digital Detox”)
  • No outlets near the head of the beds
  • Use of “green” energy
  • Own electric filling station will soon be integrated


  • Plastic avoidance
  • Strict garbage separation (training measures inside and regular control of the standards)
  • Own bio-compost, the humus is used in the garden for fertilizing


  • Partially in house production, the rest is covered by local farmers
  • Local and regional
  • Seasonal
  • Exclusively vegan kitchen (half board with lunch option)
  • Bio-quality
  • Made by people!

Social projects

Cooperation with Vinterra (decrease of food)

Vinterra is a social co-operative with the focus on social and professional integration of undeprivileged people.