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Romania, Jud Covasna

HRH Prince Charles' Guesthouse

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HRH Prince Charles' Guesthouse

Zalanului Valea 1-2
Jud Covasna
Jud Covasna 527119 , Romania
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"Travel to traditional Transylvania as a Guest of Count Kálnoky and the Prince of Wales" The Prince of Wales has bought and renovated properties in rural Romania to help protect the unique way of life through the promotion of sustainable tourism Transylvaniancastle and Duchy of Cornwell


Deep in the heart of Transylvania, in the land of Count Dracula and only accessible by a bumpy road lies Zalanpatak. On his first visit to Transylvania in 1988, The Prince was immediately struck by the precious legacy of this area and said he was "totally overwhelmed by its unique beauty and its extraordinarily rich heritage." The Prince of Wales owns the property that had originally been built for the former ‘judge’ who was overseeing the manufacture and the village. It is composed of several buildings, and has a patch of forest and extensive flower meadows with mineral springs and small brooks belonging to it. The property is characterized by its rich biodiversity of plants, mushrooms, insects, birds and large mammals including bears (sometimes crossing the back yard).


Stay at Prince Charles' truly sustainable guesthouse
Watch bears cross the backyard and listen to wolfs howl at night (depending on the season)
Find the perfect cohabitation of man and nature
Various activities like bear tracking, horse & cart excursions, wild flower botany, mushroom picking, hiking and much more


  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment

Prince Charles' supporting sustainable tourism in Romania



5 guestrooms, furnished exclusively with antique Transylvanian furniture, including most of the textiles and en-suite bathrooms

For peace and tranquillity rooms are without television or radio; instead, you will find plenty of interesting books on the shelves 

Drawing- and dining room with a large fireplace and a 7m high ceiling
Wine cellar, several terraces, outside benches and a breakfast barn

The Story of Prince Charles' Guesthouse

Zalánpatak (Valea Zălanului) was founded about 400 years ago by the Kálnoky’s as a glass manufacture in the middle of the forest. The factory was closed in the early 1900s but around 150 people still live there today. The Prince of Wales owns the property that had originally been built for the former ‘judge’ who was overseeing the manufacture and the village. When Prince Charles first visited Romania he was overwhelmed by the wild beauty of the country. Eventhough Romania is a country in which you feel transported to another place and time you can find a fast wasteage of natural and cultural ressources. Prince Charles enspouses for the preservation of nature and culture through sustainable tourism. Through preserving the villages and encouraging traditional craftsmanship and farming, small villages can be given economic means of supporting themselves again.

Prince Charles' Guesthouse Green Initiatives

"Ever since I first visited Romania in 1998, I have been doing my utmost to ensure a sustainable future for the Saxon villages of Transylvania and their people. Tourism clearly has a vital role to play in this." HRH Prince Charles


The building is part of a carefully restored old glass manufacture in the middle of the forest. It was founded by the Kálnoky's about 400 years ago. The property that the Prince of Wales owns was originally been built for the former ‘judge’ who was overseeing the manufacture and the village.

The philosophy of restoring is characterised by utter respect for the textures and atmospheres of ancient buildings. The way the derelict houses are resotred is barely noticeable, rather would it seem that the buildings have aged gently and gradually without recent renovation.

All restored buildings remain very much in keeping with the surrounding architecture.

To ensure that guests have a warm and comfortable stay, the original heating system of wood stoves has been enhanced.


All accommodations have been caringly restored and furnished with authentic antiques and textiles from the region. 

All rooms have double beds with specially manufactured mattresses of pure wool and duvet covers. 


The guesthouse has its own vegetable garden and orchard. The rare ‘Black Transylvanian Bare Necked’ chicken is bred for eggs and meat. Milk, yoghurt and cheeses come from the village’s cows and sheep, and the honey from local bee-hives. All jams and preserves are prepared in their own kitchens. Trout is raised locally. The three-course meals with wine are prepared as of old by the cooks who have been passing down the recipes for generations. Catering for vegetarians or special dietary requests is provided.

Social Commitment

Through the renovation of these buildings His Royal Highness aims to help provide a sustainable future for the people of rural Transylvania whilst enabling residents to maintain their traditional way of life.