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“Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller“
Ibn Battuta


General Information on Peru

The Republic of Peru is a country in western South America with a multiethnic population estimated at 30.4 million.

Peru in South America borders Ecuador and Columbia in the north, Brazil in the east, Bolivia in the southeast, Chile in the south and the Pacific Ocean in the west. Peru is a biodiverse country ranging from the Pacific coastal regions to the Andes mountains and the tropical Amazon Basin with the Amazon river. The capitel is Lima. Peru is a very fast developing country, its main economic activites are agriculture, fishing, tourism and mining. Spanish is the main spoken language although a lot of Peruvians also speak Quechua or other native languages.

What to experience in Peru

Explore the world famous Machu Piccu, the beautiful Titicaca Lake, the wild Sacred Valley or the stunning old cities of Arequipa, Cusco or Trujillo.

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