Family Holiday instead of Playstation Gambling

By On 21. February 2017

Every year, parents worldwide spend between 600 and 800 Euros per child on toys. Thus, children spend an increasing amount of hours per day in the virtual world on their smartphone, iPad, Wii or… Read More


Authentic experiences in the land of the Incas

By On 17. February 2017

You are interested in social projects and community based tourism in South America? Then get yourself ready and discover authentic impressions of the fascinating land of the Incas. Today’s guest blog by Kaya Herkersdorf from… Read More


Love nests not only on Valentine’s Day

By On 14. February 2017

It is Valentine’s Day – the day dedicated to lovers. According to the legend, today’s Valentine’s Day got its name from the priest Valentin of Rome. The Christian Valentin married couples, despite the… Read More

GLM_Underwater Shot

Hotspots for sustainable diving

By On 10. February 2017

Sustainability and scuba diving can be easily combined, as Bettina Winert, experienced diver and blogger, explained in our blog article on sustainable diving. Now that you have decided to try the beautiful… Read More

Raja Ampat_2015-293

Sustainability in diving

By On 7. February 2017

Diving is one of the most popular and fascinating holiday activities. To dive deep into another world, float weightlessly through the water, and admire the colorful  corals and diverse species – spectacular!… Read More

Turle Olive Ridley

Sustainable Travel Tips for 2017 – Part 3

By On 3. February 2017

Here it is: the third and last part of the green annual calendar with sustainable travel tips for October until December. October: Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba Embedded between mountains, meadows and trees, you can… Read More


Sustainable Travel Tips for 2017 (Part 2)

By On 31. January 2017

In the previous blog article, we have introduced sustainable travel tips for the first half of 2017. Today, we continue with great advices for the summer months july til september.   July: Black… Read More

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Green calendar: Sustainable travel tips for 2017

By On 27. January 2017

“Where should I go to this year?” – have you asked yourself this question before? Each month has its own charme, and for each month there is another worth visiting destination. Green… Read More


Energy-conscious on holiday

By On 24. January 2017

Switch off the lights when leaving the room, turn down the heater when opening the window, switch off electrical devices instead of putting them in standby mode – for me and many… Read More


Green ski holiday – how is that supposed to work?

By On 20. January 2017

For many of us, the snowy season implies winter sports. Looking from an ecological point of view, the world of skiing sports is not really green. For many years, whole mountain forests became… Read More