Exciting animal protection projects and tips for everyone who wants to get active!

By On August 15, 2017

Birds and Bees Who doesn’t love summer – vivid colors and the calming sound of bees humming everywhere. What we think of as a given, could be gone very quickly. More than… Read More


Juist: THE place for your perfect sustainable autumn holiday

By On August 11, 2017

I am in love. In love with an island. Some of you may have been there but only do know this place in summer. For me, the German island of Juist shows… Read More


Sustainable gardening: vegetable gardens in hotels

By On August 8, 2017

Sustainable gardening projects are on the rise around the globe. And the reasons to start a garden are manifold. Whether it’s the challenges the global society is facing when it comes to… Read More


Chemical free swimming – brought to you by these hotels

By On August 4, 2017

It’s summer. And hot. Everybody is dreaming of a cool down, possible in a swimming pool. Today we will show you where to enjoy a chemical free swimming experience in a non-conventional… Read More


Why not take a sustainable trip across:…Germany

By On August 1, 2017

When thinking of a great getaway, Germany might not be the first destination that crosses your mind. But why not think outside the lines and visit Germany without lowering one’s sights regarding… Read More


Green Vacation in Chiang Mai – live like the locals!

By On July 28, 2017

With a total of 135.000 residents, the city of Chiang Mai, located in the northern region of Thailand, marks the largest and also culturally most important city in this specific part of… Read More


Buon giorno! Experience a sustainable vacation in Italy with all your senses

By On July 25, 2017

A vacation in Italy – some of you will intuitively think about delicious pesto and pasta, olive trees, good wine und authentic, little villages with a lot of history. Naturally, because for… Read More


Peruvian sustainability pioneer – José Koechlin von Stein

By On July 21, 2017

On a regular series on Green Pearls® pioneers we introduce you to some vicious personalities who inspire us with their engagement for sustainability. Today the blog post is about José Koechlin von… Read More


Cycling around the world – part 2

By On July 18, 2017

It’s time for the second part of our “Cycling around the world” series. Today we show you the best spots for bike tours in Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Germany and Peru! Rivers, castles and vineyards… Read More


Cycling around the world – part 1

By On July 13, 2017

Cycling is the epitome of sustainability as we only need our muscles to quickly move from A to B. We all know that cycling has many (and almost only) advantages: when we take… Read More