How to find the most sustainable hotel

By On 23. September 2016

Our contemporary world is full of superlatives. And when we are completely honest here, we all strive for the best of the best. Also when we are traveling…Who doesn’t feel appealed to… Read More


How hotels can practize social responsibility

By On 21. September 2016

Traveling sustainable is a matter of giving and taking: Ideally experiences and encounters versus possibilities to preserve culture, flora & fauna. We want authentic adventures, therefore we should help to keep the… Read More


Autumn spectacles with jesters, olives and wine

By On 16. September 2016

There is something very special about autumn, isn’t it? The leaves turn colorful, the light gets a special autumn touch and (my personal highlight!) its finally the time for pumpkin soup. Im… Read More


Sustainable mobility when traveling

By On 13. September 2016

Sustainable vacation starts with the journey to the destination. For some distant destinations that we would like to visit it is not always possible to avoid hopping on a plane or car to get… Read More


Spa Delights – Relax sustainably

By On 9. September 2016

What is better than a nice relaxing wellness vacation? I am convinced: not very much! Especially when the temperatures get colder (the next autumn and winter will come around for sure!) or… Read More

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The new luxury when traveling

By On 6. September 2016

I recently had a discussion about the question: what is a luxury vacation? Maybe, in the first second, pictures of golden taps, marble statues and caviar combined with hummer run through your head. But… Read More

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Sustainable Autumn Adventures

By On 2. September 2016

Outside, the sun is shining and we have wonderful summerly temperatures – a perfect late summer day. On my way to work this morning, I noticed some leaves slowly falling from the trees… Read More

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Travel consciously without sacrifice? It is possible!

By On 30. August 2016

A thing that we get asked often is: travel consciously, what does that mean? Does it actually involve renunciation, or couldn’t it rather be understood as an added value by providing new experiences? The protection… Read More


Sustainable Travel with a Dog

By On 26. August 2016

The next travel destination is selected and the search for a fitting hotel begins. What is almost already a challenge on its own, is even more difficult for dog owners! Not many… Read More

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Know How

Why Slow Travel Enriches

By On 23. August 2016

When we travel, we would like to see as much as possible. But sometimes, we want too much and maybe do not remember, what we saw or are so overwhelmed with all… Read More