Energy-conscious on holiday

Switch off the lights when leaving the room, turn down the heater when opening the window, switch off electrical devices instead of putting them in standby mode – for me and many other people, actively saving energy at home is completely normal. But have you ever wondered how to be more energy-conscious during your vacation?

The importance of reducing emissions 


During the international climate agreement, it was agreed to limit the global warming to two degrees. In order to achieve this goal, only a limit amount of CO2 is allowed to enter the atmosphere: worldwide 890 gigatonnes. A number that to me still sounds unimaginable large. All measurements for the climate protection and the two degrees compatible energy policy are in conformity with the CO2 budget.

Tourism contributes not inconsiderably to the global CO2 emissions. When traveling or at the accommodations, energy is consumed and pollutants emitted. To minimize the global value, the consumption needs to be drastically reduced as well as the amount from renewable energies massively increased.


How the Green Pearls Hotels contribute  

In the accommodation industry, rethinking has already taken place. 4 green pearls show how they cover their energy demand in a climate-friendly way and aim to reduce emissions.



Minimized CO2 footprint at the lake Ziegelsee 

At Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, great emphasis is put on climate protection through conscious energy management. While you relax and enjoy great tours around the local lake scenery or to the nearby city of Schwerin, the hotel works at high pressure to minimize its CO2 footprint. Annually, the CO2 relevant processes in the areas of energy, technique, food, transport, etc, are evaluated and optimized. In the area of transport and mobility, the Hotel Speicher convinces with a special highlight: electric mobility. As a guest, you can rent one of the cool e-vehicles to discover the surroundings in an emission reduced way. The climate hotel considers it as its duty to continuously reduce the emissions and compensate them by supporting reputable climate projects.



Dream holiday with Traumurlaub mit energy recovery system  

For your next trip to the Maldives, you as a guest do not have to waste many thoughts about environmentally damaging energy consumption. This is taken over by Reethi Beach Resort! The beautiful resort has invested in the technical innovations to reduce the energy consumption. With the installation of inverter type air conditioning units, 50 per cent energy savings have been achieved compared to the older models. An energy recovery system for the desalination plant of the resort has maximized its efficiency considerably. At the whole resort, the CFL light bulbs have been replaced by efficient LED lighting. Also, power keys have been installed in all rooms to prevent burning lights and switched on technical devices without anyone in the room. Thus, you can relax at the beach without the troublesome questions: Have I switched off the lights?



Solar systems and rustic tiled stoves   

At the Irota EcoLodge in the pristine nature of Hungary, two solar systems have been for the production of renewable energy. Each of the three cozy holiday villas is equipped with sun collector that provide warm water in an eco-friendly way. The energy surplus is delivered to the grid, so that also regional households profit from the renewable energy. The villas’ insulation is made of recycled materials, in fact from used news papers. The cellulose protects the building from heating up during the summer (compared to for example Rockwool). As a result no airconditioning is needed which again saves on energy consumption. Furthermore, the hosts Lennard and Jeroen put emphasis on sustainable energy and heat production also in their private residence. The rustic highlight: a traditional tiled stove! It only has to be heated once a day with locally sourced fire wood in order to radiate heat all day. The surrounding forests offer plenty of wood and new trees are constantly planted. Due to the minimized transport distance, the CO2 level is reduced.

Projekt: Hotel Niedersachsen Architekt: Johannes Kaufmann Architektur Ort: D - Westerland / Sylt Datum: 2009/09

climate neutral at Sylt  

In Westerland on the island of Sylt, you can experience a climate neutral stay at Hotel Niedersachsen. Only few meters away from the sea and close to the Nationalpark Wadden Sea, the greatest part of the energy demand is regeneratively covered by geothermal energy systems. Thanks to a cogeneration unit, the hotel and its laundry technique is provided with sustainable energy. Via heat recovery, the wasted heat is fed back. In the previous year, only 8,69 kg CO2 per guest and night have been emitted. And how does the Hotel Niedersachsen become completely climate neutral? The unavoidable CO2 production is compensated with the support of climate protection projects, such as the Kenya project “water filter”. A wonderful approach!