"Green" entrepreneurs – Farm to function in Thailand

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50 years ago, the grand parents of Arrut Navaraj bought 70 acres of unspoiled land along the Ta-Chine River within the city limits of Nakorn Pathom.
The area was developed into a hotel, a cultural center, restaurants, and a garden for outdoor events. Two generations later, a simple fruit garden turned into a EU certified organic farm that produces herbs, fruit and vegetable on 10 acres.

A green oasis near Bangkok


The Sampran organic farm, located 30 kilometers away from Bangkok, and is still owned by the family Narawach. The former hotel „Rose Garden“ was renamed and became the „Sampran Riverside“. Not only the name changed, but also the concept of the hotel was converted. Visitors can experience warm hearted Thai hospitality, Thai cuisine with organic ingredients from the farm, tea ceremonies with organic tea from own cultivation, cultural workshops, a farmers market, the Patom Organic Spa with an own biological cosmetics line, containing hair- and body products as well as natural scents. Furthermore, the Sampran Riverside offers local tours.

Source of income and great experience!


„The farm has two aspects: We show local farmers how to cultivate and process fruits, herbs and vegetables organically. This is perfect for mother earth and its inhabitants, but also generates new channels and business for them“, arguments Arrut proudly. „On the other side, guests do experience authentic tours, participate on the daily farm life and see how the ingredients for their meals, tees or cosmetic products are cultivated“.

And the award goes to… Sampran Organic Farm

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The formula works. For two consecutive years, the Sampran Organic Farm had received the Thailand Tourism Awards in the Category of Excellence in Recreational Attractions. This is a well-deserved win for local commitment and the successful implementation of the public initiative “Farm to Function”. A unique model that creates direct demand through the integration of entrepreneurs and local farmers. Still now, the Sampran Organic Farm has become an outstanding farm model for Asian agriculture.