Green Pearls® partners and their green resolutions for 2017

After the turn of the year, we like to look back on what we have achieved in the previous year, but are even more curious what the new year will bring. The Green Pearls® partners have triggered wonderful initiatives and have supported sustainable tourism with a great sense of responsibility. But what chances and challenges are waiting in 2017? We asked seven Green Pearls® Partners for their green resolutions, sustainable goals and challenges for the new year:


Katrin Holl, Owner – Hotel Lamm Mitteltal, Germany

img_1543-kopie“In the process of our sustainable environment management system, we strive to continuously keep the technical facilities of the property up to date in terms of cost effectiveness and environmental protection. Hence, we will completely modernize the pool technology in 2017. To create an unique swimming experience at the Hotel Lamm, we decided to use salt electrolysis. This mainly concerns a healthier water treatment and therefore supports an active environmental protection. The production of chlorine is flexible and can be adjusted according to the needs: with an almost imperceptive salinity level of four grams per liter and without the typical smell of chlorine. The chloride, combined with organic elements, will be regenerated with each filter process. The smell is neutral, while a high water quality is guaranteed. Another goal for 2017 is to continue donating fresh fruits to the kindergarten in Mitteltal on a regular basis.”

Florian Hallermann, General Manager – Zeavola Resort, Thailand 


“The Green resolution 2017 for the Zeavola Resort, Phi Phi island is to implement a green team consisting of different staff members. This green team will receive exposure to different sustainable activities, which are already followed in other resorts or governmental agencies. The focus is once again to implement sustainable chemicals, to improve our wastewater system as well as to implement an ozone filter for the guest and staff water. Furthermore, we will invest in an upgrade of the Laundry waster water system. We aim to reduce our energy consumption and upgrade the recycling system.”

 Dietmar Walder, Marketing Manager – Leitlhof, Italy

“Although having 7 more rooms (in total 62 rooms), we aim to keep the CO2 footprint on the same level as in 2016. One resolution is to “visualize” the CO2 emissions of each room at the guests’ invoice. Also, because we take on the compensation amount for the climate neutrality for our guests. Furthermore, we aim to encourage guests to create their journey to the hotel climate-neutrally. On the website, we will improve our communication about our initiatives regarding climate protection .

For 2017, I personally aim to be more conscious of the luxury to be healthy, as well as be able to breath fresh air and live in a clean environment.”

Joseph Langegger, Owner – Bachgut Resort am Berg, Austria 

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“We at the Bachgut look back on a fantastic year 2016. Much has happened at the Bachgut – for example an organic berry garden was build. Thus, guests now have the possibility, to produce their own organic berry lemonade. Also lavender has been grown at the hotel, which provides the basis of the wonderful lavendar-hay pillows. In 2016, the review of the ecolabel was a challenge, which we mastered with bravery. Furthermore, a water playground was built for the little guests to have fun and play in nature with stones and water only. For 2017, we aim to make sustainability and environmental protection even more perceptible and tangible for our guests. You may be curious!”

Mike McHugo, Owner – Kasbah du Toubkal, Morocco 


“In 2016, Kasbah du Toubkal was awarded a certificate amongst a few pilot hotels. We scored a B – the second highest and the highest of participating hotels at the event. We were pleased with our result in the environmental assessment, considering that Kasbah du Toubkal’s strengths in regards to responsible tourism can rather be seen in the social development and community involvement. It is our intention to try to become an A in 2017.”


Marion Muller, Owners – SAND Lifestyle Hotel, Germany

hosts“In 2017, the SAND Lifestyle Hotel will become bigger and more diverse. With the extended and sustainable Lifestyle product, we aim to offer an unforgettable and versatile time to our guests. A genuine project of the heart will be the certification according to the German sustainability codex. The main challenge will be the recurring and intensive confrontation with the topic of sustainability and its integration in the daily business practices. It is important to motive our SANDteam, to break up behavioral patterns and adapt action processes to internal sustainability goals. My husband and I are looking forward to tackle these challenges.”

Gob and Goya, Owners – The Tongsai Bay, Thailand


“In 2017, The Tongsai Bay’s hosts Gob and Goya aim to continue supporting sustainability also in their personal life: “We refuse to take plastic bags from super markets, shops etc. We furthermore carry our own food container and refuse to take foam or plastic containers from restaurants when take away left over food or order new take away. Also, we eat vegetarian at least 4 months in a year to reduce lives lost to our desire. In our home, we only use commercially grown or recycled wood and have a solar rooftop system to generate electricity. Additionally, we donate annually to various charities in Thailand and abroad.”