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Germany, Freiburg im Breisgau

Green City Hotel Vauban

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Green City Hotel Vauban

Paula-Modersohn-Platz 5
Baden Württemberg
Freiburg im Breisgau 79100, Germany
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"Think ecology - live inclusion" Green City Hotel Vauban ,


Only ten minutes by tram away from Freiburg’s inner-city, the Green City Hotel Vauban is situated in a district famous for its sustainable approaches. Next to peace and relaxation, an unique concept of aesthetic architecture, regionality and sustainability, as well as active inclusion awaits you. Led by a nonprofit company, the integrative Green City Hotel Vauban employs people with disabilities. 10 out of 20 employees have special needs. Tolerance, acceptance and social responsibility is an essential priority.
Next to this social responsibility, the integration hotel positively differentiates itself from other three star hotels by design and regional sustainable initiatives. The unique architecture is in harmony with modern energy standards and connects innovation, creativity, as well as functional quality with sustainability. The facade made of natural green wooden slats is perfectly integrated into the townscape.
Next to being sustainable at heart, the green design in the inside and climbing plants decorating the building from the outside make the Green City Hotel Vauban also optically a real green pearl.
Explore the city of Freiburg or surrounding highlights like Mundenhof, Schauinsland or the neighboring Alsace.


Integrational hotel

Modern green architecture

Rooms with view of the countryside


Inner city only 10 minutes away by tram


  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment

The integrative Green City Hotel Vauban is a rolemodel for authentic social responsibility and modern energy-efficient architecture.



48 double rooms and one suite with beautiful landscape view 


Modern design with natural wood


Disability-friendly: three rooms suitable for wheelchairs, one of them designed to fit the needs of the disabled according to DIN-norm


Equipped with TV, wi-fi, radio, telephone, safe, generous bathroom, hairdryer

History and Philosophy

The history of the young Green City Hotel Vauban starts in 2013. On June 17th, the hotel opened its doors in the sustainable, partly car-free district Vauban. From the beginning, attention was paid to respect and meet the aspects of regionality, ecological sustainability, but most of all social responsibility. When building the venue, regional firms and carpenters were engaged to design the house innovatively, but also highly energy-efficient. 

The hotel stands out with its unique philosophy. The focus is on inclusion, social responsibility and the participation of all human-beings at social processes. Owned by the charitable association of Freiburg’s social work and Freiburger Stadtbau GmbH, the hotel sees it as an obligation to support people with disabilities. Today, the integrative Green City Hotel Vauban occupies 20 employees, 10 of which are handicapped. Regarding the education and trainings of the employees, the hotel is supported by Hofgut Himmelreich, a long-standing successful integrational company.

Green Initiatives

Architecture & Energy

  • Ambitious architecture concept connects creativity and quality with innovative sustainability and energy standards
  • Radiative heating and cooling in rooms through wall-integrated water-carrying capillary tube mats
  • Highly insulated facades with climbing plants, which enable temperature equalization
  • Highly efficient ventilation system with high heat recovery rate and building tightness avoid uncontrolled ventilation heat loss
  • Eliminating energy-intensive minibars 
  • Energy consumption at least 60% below permitted primary energy demand 
  • Heating and hot water partially from renewable energy sources (such as the regional wood chip burning system)
  • Additional energy generated by integrated photovoltaic system

Social Responsibility

  • The integrative hotel represents a social and charitable project
  • Employs people with disabilities
  • Special trainings and further education measurements adjusted to their mental or physical disabilities

Waste Management

  • Small packaging are avoided as far as possible for the benefit of waste reduction
  • No plastic packaging for bathroom items, only recyclable packaging  
  • Staff trainings regarding waste separation and recycling


  • Food and drinks originate, whenever possible, from the region and/or from integrational companies
  • Employment of local staff whenever possible