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General information on Switzerland

Switzerland, or the Swiss Confederation, consists of 26 partly sovereign cantons. According to the federal constitution, Switzerland does not have a capital city, however the seat of government is in the city of Bern. 

What to experience in Switzerland 

There really is no lack of fantastic sights, Switzerland has a lot to offer: breathtaking mountain sceneries, picturesque lakes, enchanting old cities and magical chateaus await you. Symbol of Switzerland is the Matterhorn, which is with 4478m one of the highest mountains of the Alps. The attraction between Zermatt and Breuil-Cervinia is, thanks to its unusual shape, the most photographed mountain worldwide and always worth a visit. Bern and Zurich with its ancient old towns will conquer the hearts of city enthusiasts. When visiting the country rich of water resources, you also should not miss unique places like the Genfer Lake. 

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