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Indian Ocean , Seychelles

Cerf Island Resort

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Cerf Island Resort

Cerf Island
Seychelles , Indian Ocean
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"The resort is designed to deliver a true Creole experience facilitated by incorporating the Seychellois architecture and design while preserving the natural surroundings." Cerf Island Resort ,


Welcome to tropical paradise! Located at the entrance of Sainte Anne Marine Park on the remote green Cerf Island, the authentically designed Cerf Island Resort welcomes you in the paradisiac surrounding of white sandy beaches, clear water and tropical nature. The National marine park water around Cerf Island is a dream for all diving and snorkeling fans. Here, you can enjoy exciting and unique tropical sea-life for free. Explore the impressive Marine Park further on an active Kayak tour or by pedal boat.
If not at the beach, you can relax at the spacious comfortable villas or enjoy a range of professional spa treatments at the luxurious nature spa.
Cerf Island is only 1.5 km long and almost 1 km wide. Take a walk on this breathtaking island, where no roads disturb the natural beauty, and appreciate the time in harmony with nature! At the end of the day, you can enjoy your dinner of local natural produce in an unforgettable setting at the resort’s restaurant.
Relax and enjoy a real Creole experience!


Authentic luxurious villas 

Unique nature spa

Heavenly beaches and lush nature 

Fresh local cuisine 


  • environmental protection
  • being local - authentic experiences
  • giving back
  • cultural commitment

The authentic Cerf Island Resort



Cerf Island Resort offers 24 private and luxurious villas, each is named in Creole after local trees, flowers and sea creatures and provides beautiful views of the surrounding tropical vegetation or the Indian Ocean.

Three types of accommodation: 
Hillside Villas
- four poster bed
- large outdoor bathroom with double bath
- spacious balcony

Hideaway Villas
- secluded locations 
- private sun gardens 
 Tortoise Suites
- constructed fully in timber 
- master bedroom and a second twin bedroom with its own entrance and bathroom
Nature Spa 
- set halfway up the hill, nestled into the lush vegetation 
- offers a variety of massages, a private steam room, indoor/ outdoor treatment room, indoor and outdoor shower facilities and a relaxation garden

History & Philosophy

Part of the scenic island nation Seychelles is the little hideaway Cerf Island, which was named after „Le Cerf“, the French frigate that landed at Port Victoria in 1756. Here, the stunning Cerf Island Resort was designed to offer a genuine Creole experience to visitors. Situated at the Sainte Anne Marine Park, the boutique resort amazes with true Seychellois architecture, authentic design and a focus on preserving the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. At all times, the management and local staff have set themselves the task to provide you with the greatest comfort. The private villas, that blend in elegantly with the tropical nature, the choice of regional Creole cuisine or the availability of traditional spa treatments make your stay true and unforgettable.

Green Initiatives


  • Seychellois architecture & design
  • The land around Cerf Island Resort is used in compliance with local zoning laws and regulations
  • No local resident has been involuntarily removed from the land
  • The building materials are local and environmental friendly

Flora and Fauna

  • Garden with native plants
  • Protection of flora and fauna,  no use of chemicals
  • Own organic Garden is in Process

Water Consumption

  • Water usage and reduction goals are specified and monitored
  • Good quality water from government utility company, no water treatment necessary
  • Rain water is captured for gardening use 
  • Water conserving Toilet flush
  • Towels and bed linen are not changed automatically to reduce the water consumption of laundry 

Waste Management

  • Waste volume and reduction goals are specified and monitored
  • Reusable clay pots are used to avoid plastic package of toiletries 
  • Waste separating facilities and recycling of garbage
  • Education and training of staff regarding Waste policy


  • Using locally and seasonally grown organic food and herbals  whenever possible
  • Fair trade freshly bought directly from the market
  • No plastic used when serving meals 

Social and Cultural Commitment

  • 95% local staff
  • Salaries and benefits meet or exceed local and national regulations
  • No discrimination of any kind is practiced or supported
  • Company policy includes established guideline or code of conduct of behavior concerning the protection of local cultures and historical sites.
  • The business does not exploit the cultural intellectual property of the local community
  • Cultural sensitivity and respect between tourists and hosts 
  • Integration of the culture in everyday life of the tourism