Green Activity

"Choose environmentally friendly travel itineraries" - Traveling eco friendly is fun and at the same time it reduces the impact on the environment.

Eco-friendly activities are fun for tourists as well as educational. The strong focus is on local experiences. The Thailand Tourism Authority organizes regularly tours within Bangkok and the provinces like Praj Lab Lae Town of Uttradit province where tourists can use the bike to explore the surrounding.

It is pollution free and a way of showing respect to the people and the places visited. Tourists also witness locals’ craftsmanship and can learn how to process the product as well as help built the dikes which is a lot of fun and beneficial to the community.

The joy of achieving something together with the locals is a priceless and sustainable experience.

Here you can find some guidelines that help to preserve the environment, reduce the carbon footprint. and help minimizing the energy consumption.

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“Environmentally friendly travel activities can be equally pleasant and fun and add on to travelers' knowledge and experience, while affecting the natural resource and environment the least.”

Thailand Buddhism beliefs in the power of mind. Once you set the mind on something, it can be achieved. - Thailand Tourism Authority Read more

Travel with awareness of value and preserve community identity

7 green ideas aims for everyone to realize how important it is to ease global warming and support sustainable tourism.