Green Plus

Travel responsibly and give the benefit back to the community

Volunteering travel helps preserve and revives the surrounding of tourism attractions, communities and supports the reduction of the impact of global warming.

The three principles of being green are "Reduce" "Reuse" and "Recycle“ this means using only what's necessary, avoiding consuming excessively, ceasing the consumption if it's not a necessity and reusing or recycling when possible.

These three rules can also be fruitful for business or communities and by adding creativity to the recycled it is possible to create an award winning eco-friendly product. At least it reduces the cost of living as well as of natural resources.

“Help to create change! Volunteering brightens the world and cares for the environment”

Thailand Buddhism beliefs in the power of mind. Once you set the mind on something, it can be achieved. - Thailand Tourism Authority Read more

Travel with awareness of value and preserve community identity

7 green ideas aims for everyone to realize how important it is to ease global warming and support sustainable tourism.