Green Community

Due to the initative of the head of the village and the community committee this home-stay concept is a great sucess for both community and tourist. It is up to us to influence.

As we all know tourism can play both the role of creator and destroyer. Due to mismanagement and exploitation culturally important attractions are treated respectless with inundating service and amenities that do not blend with the surrounding. Sustainable tourism aims to protect the richness of the location and local culture as they are the root and soul of the community.

At present there are varouis prototypes for green communities. One example is Mae Kam Pong in Chiang Mai which won the Thai Travel Award in 2007 as the outstanding community in tourism.

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“Over a 100 years way of life is still intact in this community regardless of countless tourists visiting and home-staying at the village.”

Thailand Buddhism beliefs in the power of mind. Once you set the mind on something, it can be achieved. - Thailand Tourism Authority Read more

Travel with awareness of value and preserve community identity

7 green ideas aims for everyone to realize how important it is to ease global warming and support sustainable tourism.