Thailand: Green Service

"There are various types of travel business that impress tourists with their standardized quality and committment to preserve the environment and reduce the greenhouse gas emission from their services."

Tourists are asked to choose tourism operators that deal in a responsible way with the environment and their employees. Hotels will encourage their guests to support their green initiatives by reusing their towels, using sanitary napkins only when necessary, switching off light and air-condition, close the windows and doors when the air-condition is running etc.

The more these eco friendly products are being asked for by tourists worldwide, the more touristic organizations are being forced to change. We are all responsible to create change.

“Decide for eco-friendly solutions – it is in your hands. Help by making a difference!”

Thailand Buddhism beliefs in the power of mind. Once you set the mind on something, it can be achieved. - Thailand Tourism Authority Read more

Travel with awareness of value and preserve community identity

7 green ideas aims for everyone to realize how important it is to ease global warming and support sustainable tourism.